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Inspection Reports


We are delighted to attach our school’s inspection reports. Although only a snapshot in the life of our school, we believe that they reflect our school and in particular our wonderful children. We are particularly proud of the following...

"Pupils flourish at St Philip Howard. Pupils benefit from the excellent Catholic education they receive. Pupils’ achievement is good.

"The school is a very welcoming community and promotes respect in relationships at all levels. The friendly and warm approach of staff is a real strength of the school. Teaching is good.

"A wide range of opportunities enable all children to develop and celebrate their gifts and talents and use them to serve their school and local community.

"Parental links are excellent. “the school makes every child feel special and safe” (a parent)

"Excellent leadership of this Catholic school is demonstrated by the outstanding commitment in promoting an outstanding Catholic ethos in the school.

"Every report has targets that we need to work towards to continue to improve. We will continue to act on the advice given and continue to strive for excellence in all areas of our school life."


Please take the time to read the reports

Thank you

Westminster Diocese Inspection Report November 2015

Ofsted School Inspection Reports