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Special Educational Needs at St Philip Howard Catholic School


Our Vision for our SEND Pupils

We believe that every child is special and unique. Every child is an individual with particular strengths, abilities and needs. Some children will require extra help, in order to cope with specific learning difficulties.

Our vision for our Special Needs Children is that they will have Confidence and that they will Achieve their Potential:





Our School Offer

In 2014, schools were required to publish information about services they provide for children with disabilities and Special Educational Needs. This is called the ‘Local Offer’. It includes information such as:


  • How we identify Special Needs.
  • What provision we have in place for Special Needs Children.
  • The professionals and services that we work with.
  • Who to speak to and what to do if you have concerns about your child.



Our Special Educational Needs Policy

St Philip Howard School Offer 2017

Special Educational Needs News


Southfield Football

This Summer Term, we have been playing 5 a-side Football against Southfield school.  It has been fantastic and the teams have been very evenly matched!



Sensory Room

We now have a lovely new Sensory Room.  This was thanks to a successful funding application to our local DSPL (Delivering Special Provision Locally). The room includes a Dark Den, a Bubble Wall, a bubble mirror, an interactive emotions mat, bean bags and lots of sensory toys.  




Here are some pictures:

Sensory Room