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Welcome to the Sunshine class page. 

Mrs Harvey-Smith is the class teacher and she is supported by Miss Ndoda and Miss Jones.

This page will show you some of the exciting things the children have been doing in class and ideas for you to do at home to support learning.

Pupil Premium Form for new Reception parents June 2016

Here is our Information Pack for new Reception parents.

A visit from Karen Gee and Dodger Dog

Judaism Workshop - Respect Week Day 5

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We heard the story of Hanukkah, we dressed up and acted it out. We learned a song about the Hanukkah candles and made a candle to take home.

Only One Me - Words of Wisdom and Pebble Painting for our Prayer Garden - Respect Week Day 4

Only One Me - Words of Wisdom and Pebble Painting for our Prayer Garden - Respect Week Day 4 1

Respecting our world. Reduce, Re-use, Recycle. Respect Week Day 3

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We learned all about recycling and why it is so important. We helped Mrs Harvey-Smith to sort out her recycling.

A Sunshine mum came in to teach us an African song (Zimbole which means Peace) - Respect Week Day 2

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Our Junk Percussion workshop. Day One - Respect Week

Our Junk Percussion workshop. Day One - Respect Week 1
Our Junk Percussion workshop. Day One - Respect Week 2
Our Junk Percussion workshop. Day One - Respect Week 3
Our Junk Percussion workshop. Day One - Respect Week 4

A visit from the police officers

We were visited by two police officers today. They told us about their job and how they help people. We talked about their special uniform and all the different vehicles that police officers could use. The children got to sit in the police car and push the buttons to make all the lights work. They also got to try on some police hats.

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Picture 6

A Trip to the Postbox

After our visit from Mr Mann, the Postman, the children have been writing letters. We walked to the postbox to post the letters. Let us know when your letter arrives.

Thank you to the parents who accompanied us on our walk.

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Picture 18

People who help us - A visit from the Fire Brigade

The firemen from our local fire station came to visit. They talked about what they wear and showed us their uniform. They dressed Mrs Harvey-Smith up in all the special clothes. The fireman told us what we should do if the smoke alarm goes off in our house. After that we went outside to see the fire engine. We saw all the hoses, ladders and special tools that they keep on the fire engine. Finally we all had a chance to sit inside the vehicle. It was a very exciting morning.

Christmas Counts

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The final song from our 2017 Nativity.

Our walk to Streamwoods with the Year 6 buddies

Our walk to Streamwoods with the Year 6 buddies 1
Our walk to Streamwoods with the Year 6 buddies 2

Our visit to Hatfield Library

Our visit to Hatfield Library 1
Thank you to all the grown ups who walked with us to the library. We had an exciting time listening to stories and choosing books to take home. We are pleased that nearly all the children now have library cards - you can visit as often as you like and can take out up to 30 books. Remember to return them within 3 weeks.

Homework Information

Phonics homework books go home on Fridays, they are expected back on the following Friday. Please practise the letter sounds every day.

Talk homework is sent out weekly - this homework should be easy to fit into your routine eg a chat around the dinner table. Usually this homework will be to prepare a child for a new subject we will be covering or to consolidate learning that has been happening over the week. 

Meet the teacher information

Timetable for Sunshine Class

Autumn Letter to Parents

Our first day in Sunshine

Reading and Phonics in Reception Classes

Guided Reading 

The children read their guided reading books with an adult three times a week. They do this in a small group and with a different focus each time.

 Initially we walk through the book. We look at the title, the characters, the blurb on the back and talk about the pictures. Then we will see what the children can recall and will talk in more detail about the story, read the words (looking for words / sounds that we know). All they children have opportunities to contribute, offer ideas and predictions and answer questions. On our final session we will complete a worksheet related to the book.

Home Readers 

We try to change home readers three times a week. Occasionally they may bring home a book that they have had before (it can boost their confidence to feel secure with a book).

Please spend time with your child each day looking at the book. Ask them questions to prompt them to look at the details. Sometimes you could tell the story for them to model the kind of language we are trying to encourage them to use.

As they start coming home with books with words, encourage them to use their phonics knowledge to sound out the letters and blend them to make a word. They will use the pictures to help them work out what the words say – this is fine.

Please sign to show that you have read the book and please take it out of their book bag and put it in the reading book box every morning.

High Frequency Words

There are over 50 high frequency words (words which the children will come across regularly in their reading and writing) that we would like the children to know by sight before they leave Reception. Some of these words are phonetic (which means the children can sound them out) other are “tricky” and will just have to be learnt.

We will send home tricky words as part of phonics homework. A sticky label on a page will indicate the tricky words we are learning that week during phonics. You may find it useful to write them out on individual pieces of card. It would be good for the children to practise writing these words too as it will help them to remember them when they want to use them in their writing. 

We are aware that all children learn at a different pace but would encourage you to spend time working with these words every day to ensure that your child does not fall too far behind.



This document will give you ideas for supporting your child with their phonics.

This document will give you ideas on how to support your child with their reading.

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