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Class 1H

Great Fire of London


This half term Year 1 have been learning about the Great Fire of London.  They have loved it and have learned so many facts - and asked so many questions, including if we could feel the heat out here in Hatfield!  They investigated the materials used to build houses in 1666 and created their own .... which were then burned, from a spark in the bakery.  Fire fighters from Hatfield Fire Station kindly put out the fire for us so we didn't have to rely on buckets of water.  They were fantastic answering the children's questions and ensuring they knew about fire safety.  

Remembrance Day 2020 


Today is Remembrance Day 2020.  The children watched an assembly this morning about meaning behind the poppy.  In Forest School we imagined we were the soldiers and wondered how we could paint a picture? 

We made our own brushes from twigs and leaves and some mud (and some red paint from the classroom :)) to paint our own poppies! Aren't they fantastic!  After we had finished and we reflected on our afternoon, one child said that poppies make us think of, "Hope and Sacrifice".  We will remember them. 

Art - Colour Chaos


What a busy day!  Today we were artists and learned about colour.   We looked at the artists Piet Mondrian, Mark  Rothko, Paul Klee and Robert Delaunay.  Through these artists we learned about primary and secondary colours, we mixed tints and finally, our last picture was created using warm and cool shades of these colours. 

Forest School - Religious Education - God's Promise 


We have been learning the story of Noah's Ark in our Religious Education lessons.  We understood that God's rainbow reminds us that He loves us and will never flood the world again.  The children asked how can we remember God's Promise if we cannot see a rainbow in the sky?  We went into the forest and they found saw the colours of the rainbow all around them, through God's creation ... and then through their own jackets! 

Forest School - PSHE - We are now Forest Rangers


Today we found some strings left for us, by the fairies, in the woods.  They are so pleased that we are going to help them look after the woods for all of God's creatures - big and small!  We worked together to twist a bracelet, and only if we promised to respect the woods, and each other, could we become Forest Rangers.  How proud we are of our new responsibilities. Our first task was to clear away some of the rubbish that has collected in the woods.  We could NOT believe how many wrappers and other pieces of rubbish we found!

Forest School - Literacy - Tin Forest


To start the new academic year, the whole school focused on the story Tin Forest, by Helen Ward.  In our forest, we talked about our dreams for the year and then created our own Tin Forest to compare our own creation (the Tin Forest) and what has been created for us. 


Whole School Religious Education topic - 'A-Cross the World' 


As a whole school, we looked at Crosses around the world.  The children discussed where they see crosses in their everyday lives, before Year 1 looked closer at crosses from Italy, the Celtic cross and the bible cross.  The classes decorated the crosses with art inspired by their thoughts of the cross and what it means to them, using what they had learned, too. 

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