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Easter Holidays

Hi Year 2,


We hope you are all safe and well. We have been missing you all very much. It is very strange not seeing you. We hope you are still behaving for your parents and carers.



This week is Holy Week. We will start this week with a prayer.

Dear God,

We thank you for sending your only Son Jesus Christ to save us from our sin. Give us the strength to follow in Jesus’ footsteps. Guide us when we are not sure which way to go. Fill us with your strength as we walk with you through this Holy Week.






R.E/ English


Holy Week:


Session 1 : Palm Sunday: The Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem

John 12: 12-19


Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday.

Read the 3 slides on Palm Sunday. (Or use a bible)

Can you retell the story to an adult?

Try acting it out. You could make some palm leaves.

Now retell the story in your own words. Write into your home learning books.



Session  2 :  The Last Supper

Luke 22  : 19 - 22


Can you retell the story to an adult?

Try acting it out.

Pretend you are one of the disciples and write a diary entry of what happened during the Last Supper.


Diary Checklist:


  • include the date and/or time
  • use the words ‘I’, ‘my’, ‘we’ and ‘our’
  • write as if you were there
  • write about the most important events in order
  • describe your feelings
  • use time linking words, e.g. next, first


Or if you prefer you could retell the story in your own words.

Print and colour a picture of the Last Supper.



Session 3 :  Jesus washes the disciples feet

John 13 : 1- 16


Can you retell the story to an adult?

Try acting it out.

Rule a page into 6 boxes and draw a picture in each to tell the story.

You could include words or phrases.



Session 4 :  Good Friday

Jesus is Crucified Luke 23 : 26 – 43


Create a picture to show the three crosses on top of the hill.





Read the Palm Sunday Comprehension and answer the questions.

Use the answer sheet to correct your own work. (No cheating!!)



You could try making an Easter Garden .

Make an Easter card for your family.

Be as creative as possible.

Please send us some photos.


P.E -


Enjoy a walk with your family once a day!

Create your own exercise routine.


Holy Week ppt



Why not try these fun Easter Math activities. Choose from either baking, making, playing or estimating or give them all a try! 


Follow the link below to access these activities.



We would love you to take part in this countrywide EGGciting maths competition. Please complete the maths challenge for year 2 and email your entry to your class teacher. We will then forward this on to the HfLTeam. The closing date for entries is 24th April so don't be late!


We look forward to seeing all your entries



Prayer Garden

This Easter garden was made by Mrs Browne and her family. 

We collected all of the bits for the Easter garden on our daily walk. We will be putting this one into our school prayer garden for you all to enjoy.

Maybe you could create your own Easter garden.

We would love to see your photographs. 

RE at home

Below are some links to Home Projects you can complete on your own or with your family.


Please upload any of the projects you create on your school blog, or send them to your teacher. We would love to see what you create!

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Whole School:

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