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THE TWILIGHT TWINS’ “Leave you to it”

We are all still so very proud of our past pupil SPH Pop stars who wrote this song when they were in Year 5!
With it, they became one of the Top 10 Nationwide finalists of The Song Academy’s Young Songwriter Competition 2014 & performed live on stage at London’s Westfield shopping Centre!
With the summer ahead of you, maybe their song will inspire you to write your own?!
Maybe you’ll include some beatboxing & an original rap poem?
Will you play your own instruments or use your voices like Naturally 7 & BYU Noteworthy?
Might you be able to record your finished song ready for us to listen to?

A special Summer song treat from WIGGLY WOO!!

Once again, in response to many requests, please enjoy another one of our most popular songs with your families :-)


Admittedly, this will probably feel VERY early, but this is one of our recorder players’ most frequent requests! Please note that I’m also including the sheet music and lyrics (with harmonies & Guitar etc chords) PLUS our children’s very own version to sing & play along with. There’s a little tempo (speed) change challenge at the end for when you really master the tunes… After all “Jingle Bells” (or should we call it ‘July Bells’?!) is for life, not just for Christmas!!)


-it literally AMAZES me what a profound emotional response our children have to this wonderful modern version – from passionately singing the choruses to literally being so calm at the end that you could hear a pin drop!!

This link will take you to a YouTube film with lyrics AND guitar chords :- )

So PLEASE, all our Rocksteady Rock Stars & other fantastic musicians, do play along too!   

(P.S. I also found this BEAUTIFUL a capella version to continue to inspire

your beatboxing & vocal instrumental sounds as well!)


He likes to dance & keep in time…
Can you join in with the rhythm of your hands etc?!
It’s a fabulous workout for you & your family!!


Can you challenge yourselves like our Year 3s on the attached recording?!!
If you download the sheet music, maybe you can sing AND play this Ghanaian action song on all your instruments too?


Naturally 7’s BEAUTIFUL version of Coldplay’s Fix You

I hope you enjoy this song & that it inspires you to mimic musical instruments with your voice.

It is quite incredible to believe when listening that ALL the sounds in the recording

are created by the human voice – especially the electric guitars & drums!


I’m posting this track as well this week to encourage you all to learn & master your beatboxing skills (inspired by Naturally 7)
Hopefully you’ll remember the recordings of your school friends’ new beatboxing patterns? Maybe you could learn a different one as well (or even compose a rhythm yourself?!!)
Be sure to try and ‘Air Drum’ along too, tapping your Right Foot to sound like the Bass drum’s “B” / your Right hand “ts” mimicking the Hi hat’s two cymbals, whilst your Left hand “C” imitates your snare drums!!
Finally, how about writing rap poems to accompany your own Beatbox airdrummed rhythms!!


Have you ever had a penguin come to tea?
Take a look at me – a penguin you will see!!

Our final (&most difficult yet!!) African Body drumming - The Respectful Step

Ready for another challenge?! Hopefully you'll remember this step from our Music lessons as well?
Once again, as you body drum, do remember to chant these instructions
to remind you of its actions & rhythm pattern.
"Right "(step) “and Clap”
"1, 2, 3" (tapping knees) “Left” (foot) “Clap” “Ankle” (left hand touches Right ankle)
"Right "(step) "Right "(step) “Clap
"1, 2, 3" (tapping knees) “Left” (foot) "Back" (clap behind) “Ooooh!”

...I really hope you’re busy composing your own Body Drumming Steps? Have you noticed what wonderful Human qualities Tribal Groove’s Steps celebrate? (Patience, Truthfulness & Respect) I wonder what name you’ll give yours? …I’m so looking forward to YOU teaching ME!!

Joy of the Holy Spirit – MORE singing & signing!!

Time for another favourite hymn for you & your families.  Simply click the link below

and it will open Mike Stanley’s beautiful “Joy of the Holy Spirit”:


Bind us together, Lord

…Being safe at home gives you LOADS more extra time to practise ALL your instruments EVERY DAY.  

I hope you’ve enjoyed remembering ‘Hot Cross Buns’ & ‘As I kneel before you’ from our recorder lessons?

 (Sheet music downloadable from our French/Music page)

Practising a tune a day on any instrument will improve your playing amazingly!

PLUS you’ll notice on this music that there are guitar/ukulele etc chords AND a page of harmonies, so please work on it hard with ALL your instruments and any other family members who can play or sing along!!

The Voice Foundation’s Virtual Singing Assembly (every week day, 1pm  #VFVirtualSing)

A lovely 10 minute active vocal workout for you, introducing the type of songs & activities our children enjoy in their Music lessons

Live link available at

...& here by popular demand…  “RAINBOW” by Matthew Lien – more singing and SIGNING!!


Countless children have requested that I post a link to this wonderful song which we enjoy so regularly and frequently in school.

Hopefully they’ll be able to teach you the sign language we use as we sing,

PLUS there are an extra 4 lines before the final chorus that would be a lovely new addition to the song

for when we all sing it together again:


Can you teach your families our Telephone game to enjoy playing over half term?

Hail Mary - singing and SIGNING!!

Please enjoy one of our favourite hymn-prayers with your families.  If you copy & paste the following link, it will open Mike Stanley’s beautiful “Hail Mary” song: 

 You all know the words, so can you now learn the SIGN LANGUAGE to go with them?!

Ave Maria, gratia plena... As I kneel before you

We hope you enjoy our children's angel voices, harmonies and instrumental playing... & please, do play along with this track on ANY instrument you have... The sheet music is posted below

Another African Body drumming Challenge - The Truthfulness Step

Ready for something a little harder? Hopefully you'll remember this step from our Music lessons too? As you body drum, do remember to chant these instructions to remind you of its actions & rhythm pattern.

"Right "(step) “Clap” "Left" (step) "Left" (step) “Clap” “Duh Duh” (thigh taps) x3

"Right "(step) “Clap” "fold" “Up” (arms)
“Down" (arms again) “Slap” (thighs)
"Left" (step) "Back" (clap behind)

...Maybe you’ll be inspired to compose your own Body Drumming Step? I’d love to learn some new ones!!

Down in the Jungle

Join in singing along with Mr Elephant, Mrs Crocodile & the snakes... And don't forget your Bass Guitars!!

Fun French & Music for Everyone! Gouzi-Gouzi (the French Hokey Cokey)

Here's another song to enjoy exercising, singing & dancing along with your family!

Fun French & Music for Everyone! Jump Jim Joe!

Please enjoy exercising, singing & dancing along with "Jim Jim Joe" Perhaps you can teach it to your family?

African Body drumming - The Patience Step

How about a musical challenge that keeps you fit? Hopefully you'll remember this step from our Music lessons? Chanting the following instructions will not only remind you of the actions, but also help you to keep the rhythm pattern going too!!
"Right "(step) "1234" (thigh taps) "Left" (step) "and clap" (hands)
"Right "(step) " thighs" (tap both) "clap" (hands) "fold" (arms) "up and down" (arms again)

A Musical Easter Treat

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