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WALT: Design a school cross and explain what the symbols mean to you. 


Please complete your design for the school cross competition (There is a blank copy of the sheet below).

Then explain what the symbols you chose mean and how they relate to our school. 


For example:

My School Cross Symbols

I chose to use a heart because Jesus taught us to love one another as He loves us. In our school, we show love to others when we help each other and are kind to one another. 


I chose to use a dove because it represents the Holy Spirit. In our school, the Holy Spirit helps us to make the right choices and do the right things. 


WALT: Using commas in a list. 


A list is a collection of items, words or phrases.

When we use lists in our writing, we need to turn them into

full sentences.


We could do this using ‘and’ to link all of the items together but there are problems with this.

For example:


The superhero wore a cape and gloves and a mask and boots.


Replacing the ‘and’s with commas will give your reader a pause for breath and give your sentence much more character.

Always use ‘and’ just before the last item in the list, to finish your sentence correctly!


The superhero wore a cape, gloves, a mask and boots.


Please complete the activity sheets below.


In Guided Reading this week we will be looking at Part 2 of While I Am Sleeping. This has been allocated to you on Bug Club. 


Please find today's worksheet below:


WALT: count on and back in tens and hundreds (2- and 3- digit numbers). 


You need to complete the activity sheet. Feel free to draw you hundreds, tens and ones like we have in class to help you with your work. 


It is important you are practising your handwriting as much as you can now you are in year 3! 

Remember to take your time, make sure your are spelling the words correctly and joining up your letters where needed. 



Practise the 'ing' for 2-3 rows. 


Then you need to change the verbs into the ing form.


Then practise writing and spelling the words on the right as you would with your homework.



This weeks history, we are looking at the history of chocolate! 

You need to complete a timeline on a two page spread (over 2 A4 pages). Use the power point and information to help you with your timeline. 


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Whole School:

"We are part of God's family. We follow the way of Jesus by loving, learning and doing our best."


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