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Raindrops RE

wb 19.6.23

This week we looked at photos of St Peter's Church. We learnt what a sanctuary lamp and a tabernacle was and we also learnt that we need to genuflect when we go to sit down in Church and also when we leave. This is a sign of respect to Jesus. We practised genuflecting.

wb 12.6.23

This week we began to learn about the Church. We are all part of the Church as we are all part of God's family. We coloured in pictures of ourselves and stuck them onto a Church. 

wb 5.6.23

We learnt more about the Holy Spirit. Jesus sent fire, wind and a dove as signs for His Friends.

wb 22.5.23

We learnt about Pentecost this week. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to look after His disciples. He sent signs in the forms of wind, fire and a dove so that His friends would know the Holy Spirit had arrived. Suddenly they were able to speak lots of languages!

wb 15.5.23

It was Ascension Day this week. We learnt what happened when Jesus went back to His Father in heaven. He told His friends that he would be leaving them and they went to a hillside. Jesus began to go up towards the clouds until He had completely disappeared. His friends were sad to see him leave them again. Jesus said He would send the Holy Spirit to look after them.

In creative RE, we made clouds with Jesus going back to His Father. We also coloured pictures of The Ascension.

wb 8.5.23

This week our mums and dads joined us for Collective Worship at the end of Stay and Play. We remembered what Jesus' friends felt like when they saw he had risen from the dead. They were happy!!

We thought about things that make us happy. Everyone was given a flower. When we put the flower in the vase, we said something that made us feel happy - like biscuits!

wb 24.4.23

This week was a celebration week! We heard how Jesus appeared to his friend, Mary Magdalene and she was so happy! We talked about how we can show that we are happy. What sorts of things do we do? Singing, dancing, smiling, getting others to join in with our happiness.

We made colourful streamers to wave and we used them when we danced to happy music! Jesus is alive!

wb 17.4.23

This week we talked about things that make us happy and things that make us sad.

"I'm happy when I pay video games with my brother." Jayden

"I'm happy when its the weekend and I can go to the Stanborough funfair." Victoria

" I'm sad when I can't watch TV." Jad

"I'm sad when I'm not with my mummy." Ezekiel

Jesus' friends were sad when he died. But on Easter Sunday, they were happy when the angel told them that He had risen!

We took pictures of ourselves making happy and sad faces!

wb 27.3.23

The Easter Story

This week we learned about the story of The First Easter.

We talked about and sequenced pictures from the story.

We made an Easter card for our families and we made the tomb that Jesus was laid in.

wb 20.3.23 Oh No George!

This week we read the story called Oh No George!

This was about a naughty dog who found it difficult to make the right choices. He was very naughty when he was left alone, but was sorry for what he had done afterwards. George was then faced with further temptations, but managed to resist them. We talked about how we try to do something extra in Lent.

wb 6.3.23 The Story of Zacchaeus

We listened to the story of Zacchaeus. he was a bad man who had no friends. Zacchaeus stole money from people. Jesus came to visit Jericho where Zacchaeus lived. The people were happy to see Jesus and crowded around him. Zacchaeus wanted to see what the fuss was about, but he was too small to see over the crowds. He climbed a tree to see Jesus. Jesus called Zacchaeus down from the tree and asked if He could have tea at Zacchaeus' house. The people were angry at this.

Zacchaeus said that he would give back all the money he had stolen. Jesus forgave Zacchaeus.

We made the tree with Zacchaeus in it.

wb 27.2.23

This week we looked at pictures of happy people and sad people. We thought about how we know if someone is happy or sad. We talked about how to make someone happy if they are feeling sad. Then we sorted the pictures into 2 baskets - one with a happy face on it and the other one with a sad face on it.

We had fun making happy and sad faces ourselves!

Wb 20.2.23

This week we celebrated Mardi Gras on Shrove Tuesday. We made necklaces and masks using the Mardi Gras colours of green, purple and gold. Mardi Gras means Fat Tuesday and is celebrated the day before Ash Wednesday. It is a tradition of eating rich, fatty foods before the fasting of Lent begins.

We also ate pancakes at snack time!


This week is Feeling Good Week in school. Today we read the story Sharing A Shell by Julia Donaldson. The story is about a crab without a shell, who finds an empty shell to live in. Then an anemone without a home asks to share his shell. The anemone helps to keep dangerous fish away. Then a bristle worm comes to ask if he can share the shell and he keeps the shell nice and clean.

After a while, they all get too big to live in the shell and they go to live in other containers like an ice cream tub, until a storm comes and ruins their new homes. Eventually they find a new, bigger shell where they all live happily together. We painted some shells and used our hands to make the animals.

We have been thinking about why sharing and looking after our friends is important.


When Jesus went with His mother to a wedding at Cana, the hosts ran out of wine. Mary told them to do what Jesus said. Jesus told them to fill the wine pots with water. When they poured the water from the pots, it had turned into the finest red wine! This was the first miracle that Jesus performed.

We coloured pictures from the story and made our own 'wine' like Jesus did!

wb 23.1.23

This week, we made up a class prayer to ask Jesus to look after sick people and to help doctors and nurses to do their jobs well. One of the children suggested that to make people better, we should tell them to pick up their bed, like Jesus told them!


wb 16.1.23

We have been talking about how Jesus healed people and about how we need to care for each other when we are sick. We watched Topsy And Tim At The Hospital and talked about when we might need to go to hospital, what we can see there and how the doctors and nurses look after us.

Then we role played being at the hospital, taking turns to be the doctors, nurses and patients.

wb 9.1.23

This week we have learnt about the story of Jesus healing the man at the pool. Many people who were ill were gathered at the pool, hoping to be cured when they went in the water. Jesus came to the pool and spoke to a man who had not been able to walk for many years. He had no one to lift him into the pool.

Jesus told him to pick up his bed and walk. The man picked up his bed and was able to walk again! We call this a miracle - when Jesus healed someone.

We acted out the story of this mriacle at the pool.

wb 2.1.23

This week was the feast of The Epiphany. We heard how the 3 Kings arrived at the stable to visit the baby Jesus and to bring him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

We made pictures of the 3 Kings.


wb 28.11.22 & wb 5.12.22

We have begun to learn about the story of Christmas. We heard about the Angel Gabriel telling Mary that she would have a baby who is God's son, Jesus. Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem which was a long way away, to pay their taxes.

When they got to Bethlehem, there was nowhere for them to stay so they had to sleep in a stable. Baby Jesus was born in the stable. The Angel told the shepherds that they should go and visit Baby Jesus.

We made beautiful pictures of the Angel Gabriel.

wb 21.11.22

This week we talked about all the things in the world that God has made. We coloured pictures of the things that God has made and stuck them onto a large world. We sang "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands" and learnt the actions.


wb 14.11.22

This week we thought about how God had made the world and everything in it, including us. We made lovely worlds by doing bubble printing and then put our handprints onto them.

God made the world and God made me!

Wb 7.11.22

This week we read "Guess How Much I Love You?" We tried to show how much we loved our families, like Little Nutbrown Hare did. We stretched our arms wide, we stretched up tall and we also talked about how big God's love is. We passed Big Nutbrown Hare around our circle and we said our sentence when we were holding him. "God's love is bigger than..." It's really hard to describe how big God's love is!

"God's love is bigger than a house" Samuel

"God's love is bigger than a tree" Daniel

"God's love is bigger than Asda"  Gabriel

"God's love is bigger than the sky" Nzubechi

"God's love is bigger than mountains!" Victoria

WB 31.10.22

This week we learned about how God had created the world in 7 days. We talked about looking after the world that God has made for us. 

We looked at pictures of all the things that God had created and talked about which pictures we liked best. We coloured pictures of all the things that God had created.

10th October

This week Mrs Gajjar read the story of The Little Red Hen who wanted someone to help her to plant her seeds so that she could turn them into flour to make some bread. Each time she asked one of her friends to help her they said that they were too busy and that they couldn't help, she had to do it herself. At the end of the story all the friends were very interested in wanting to help to eat the bread but as the Little Red Hen said, none of them helped her to plant the seeds so she didn't need anyone to help her to eat the bread.

Mrs Gajjar then asked the children how they could help each other and how they could help in the class. They chatted about how it was kind to be able to help rather than saying no.

3rd October

We learnt this week that we are all very special and that God loves each and every one of us.

Mrs Gajjar showed us a box, it was a very special box with something special inside. When we were all sitting down, she asked each of us to have a turn at opening the box carefully to see what was inside. We then looked and told her what we could see. It was very special, and we are very special. Inside the box there was a mirror, and we could see our reflections.

Afterwards we took some time to try to draw ourselves.


26th September

This week Mrs Gajjar spoke to the children about how although we are all different, we are all part of God's family. She then showed them how we have different coloured hair, eyes and skin, also that some of us are short or some of us are tall and that we can have curly or straight hair. 

The children were then allowed to use the iPad themselves to take photographs of their friends outside.

19th September

This week saw the start of our RE lessons with Mrs Gajjar. The children were introduced to the prayer table where we keep the class RE book and class Bible. Mrs Gajjar told the children how important the table is and that we must keep it looking neat and tidy. The class have been learning two prayers, one to start our learning sessions and the other we say when it is time to go home. They have been very good at joining in with the actions.


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