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This is the class page for Raindrops Nursery class at St Philip Howard Primary School and we would like to welcome all the new children and their families.



WC 9th May 2022


This week we have been very busy with our topic sunshine and sunflowers. We looked at the book Errol's Garden and spoke about growing fruit, vegetables and flowers. We all got to plant a sunflower seed and had a look in the garden at our strawberry plants, mint and basil plant and the flower seeds. We spoke about what we need to grow these things and the children were able to recognise that we need sun, and water. 

We also had a tea party, everyone had to be very careful using our new tea set and the children made some lovely cups of tea and coffee, using a variety of flavoured teas, flowers and ground coffee.

There was lots going on in the garden, with children in the sandpit, challenging themselves to find the pair of flower cards and trying to identify them. There were also some builders amongst the children, they practised their hammering and sawing skills to see what they could build. 

In Forest School we were explorers, and we walked around finding new routes to explore the forest. The children did well navigating under, through and over branches and logs. 

WC 2nd May 2022


This week we have had lots of fun inside and out. We have been playing doctors after many requests from the children, we set up a patient surgery inside and lots of children were treated by doctors and vets. 

We have been lucky enough to have some nice weather and the children have enjoyed playing with water, using the animals and oats as well as practising their filling and pouring skills. 

In Forest School, the children looked for natural treasures and many collected some flowers, sticks and leaves. We talked about their appearances and why they were treasures.

WC 25th April 2022


This week we did PE outside on the field, we practised our listening skills and working on our team building. We held the parachute and got to run underneath when it was our turn, we then had a go at sitting on it inside and creating a dome. Afterwards we played on the trim trail - climbing and strengthening our muscles.


On Friday we went to Forest School and had to find a long stick and short stick. We compared the two and answered some simple questions about them.


W/C 18th April 2022


We have had a good week settling back in after Easter. To fit in with our topic, we had a look at how we could help our local wildlife. We talked about how birds need food and water like us, so in Forest School we took some cheerios and threaded them onto twigs and sticks to feed the birds.

W/C 28th March 2022


This week we have been doing lots of Easter crafts. We made Easter cards using paint and tape, we made Easter nests using chocolate, cornflakes and smarties for eggs. We linked this to looking at baby animals that are born in Spring and what homes they might have. We used our counting knowledge to count eggs around the classroom and in the sandpit. We had to try and match the broken eggs to their correct coloured half. 

We also had an Easter egg hunt using the basket we decorated, these were then made into chocolate eggs!

WC 14th March 2022

We have been enjoying science week this week, with a focus on growth. We had water beads in the tuff spot, they started off small and we got to see them grow. The children has dun exploring these with their hands and the dinosaurs.

We had a look at where dinosaurs may have lived and the colours that surrounded them in books - there were green jungles, blue and sunset coloured skies and volcanoes with red lava, the children made volcano inspired sensory bottles, we used water beads, food colouring, water and oil. The children got to select their own ingredients and put them in their bottle. We looked at the end how the oil and water don't mix and when you shake it they mix but then separate again.

We also created a volcano explosion using water, vinegar, food colouring and bicarbonate of soda. The children loved watching the 'lava' overflow and fill the tuff spot, they chose the colours and talked about the colours mixing to create other colours.

We also read the story of 'The tiny seed', we spoke about being in the season Spring and what happens in the world around us at this time of year. We discussed what plants and flowers need to grow and live and planted planted some cress seeds to see if they grow. In Forest School ,we explored the school grounds looking for signs of Spring. We found new leaves, flowers and buds.

WC 7th March 2022

We have been focusing on dinosaurs again this week, we have been exploring the tuff spot with the dinosaurs and creating a cave for them to live.

The children got to make their own dinosaur using a paper plate, paint with sponges and some pre-cut legs, heads and tails. The children really enjoyed this activity and couldn't wait to take them home to show you all.

WC 28th February 2022


This week was a very busy week. We had Mardi Gras/ Pancake Day on Tuesday, to celebrate this we talked about the meaning of Mardi Gras/ Shrove Tuesday and made masks for our mini carnival in the morning and parade around the school in the afternoon. We use different materials and textures to create the masks, the colours used were also there to represent meaning in Mardi Gras. The children got to try scotch pancakes and thin pancakes either plain or with jam, the children were telling us about the toppings they like to have at home. They also got to pretend to make pancakes in the tuff spot, using flour, 'milk (white water) and pretend eggs.


Wednesday was Ash Wednesday. We spoke  bit about this in the morning and the children who stayed for the afternoon went to the hall to receive their ashes.


Thursday we celebrated World Book Day, we spoke about the importance of reading and introduced the class library for children to access books at home. 


On Friday we managed to get to Forest School, the children were very well behaved and listened to all the rules. We gave them mini tasks to encourage them to explore the Forest and find things.

W/C 21st February 2022.

We have had a good week settling back into school after half term. We have been stuck in with our new topic of Dinosaurs, reading dinosaur books and learning their names.

We had fun in our tuff spot that was a dinosaur island, full of slimy green pasta and gloop. We encouraged the use of describing language to talk about what was in the tuff spot and what it felt, smelt or looked like. Children used the dinosaurs to compare them to the story and explore the messy play.

We practised our cutting and ripping skills and created collage dinosaurs to put on our display. We used a variety of textures to do this. 


This week we were not able to go into the Forest for Forest school due to a fallen tree but we did go up to the boundary of the forest to have a look and talk about what we will do and see when we go next week. We got very muddy boots as it was very wet and squelchy. The children then got to go on the trim trail and practise their climbing and balancing skills. There was some great teamwork helping each other.


W/C 7th February 2022


This week was feel good week. We have been talking about what makes us feel good, what we can do to help our bodies be healthy, what emotions we have and how it is good to share them. We drew our self portraits using crayons, we focused on our skin and colour and how many facial features we have.

We discussed what foods are healthy for us and the children tried a selection of fruit and veg. They were encouraged to feel the food, smell the food and taste it if they would like. We asked the children if they could make a face with their fruit and vegetables. There were some very funny faces made!

The children also got to make fruit kebabs with Mrs Field and Miss Hale, they practised their fine motor picking up the fruit and pushing it onto the skewer. They topped their wands with a chocolate star. Of course they got to eat it afterwards! laugh

We spoke about some different emotions, what they might look like on someone and what makes us feel this way. The children all showed me their happy, sad, angry and scared faces.

W/C 31st January 2022


This week we have been settling back into our routine after some disruption. The children have had a great time exploring our outdoor area. They have been practising their balancing and movement skills on the playground using the bikes and scooters. They have been using the buckets, spades, moulds and diggers in the sand to create different things. 

They have continued to build friendships and have begun playing together and making games with each other. 

W/C 17th January 2022


This week we have been exploring different materials and textures. We spoke about how they felt - soft, bumpy; sounded - crunchy, no noise; how they looked - shiny, glittery, pink.

We also practised our cutting and sticking skills, having a go at using scissors and and glue stick, they used different types of materials to create a collage.

We have had a very busy, fun filled first few days and the children are all settling into the routines of the classroom.

The first few days of starting any class can be daunting, with new friends to make, new names to learn and leaving parents at the door. We have had some tears and that is always expected, but once the children have become engaged in an activity they have soon forgotten why they were so upset and we have had lots of laughter, conversation and activity.

Here are some photographs we would like to share of the start of the new term.

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