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This is the class page for Raindrops Nursery class at St Philip Howard Primary School and we would like to welcome all the new children and their families.


WC 18th July 2022

WC 11th July 2022

In Raindrops this week we have been talking about the sunshine and the heat and how to keep safe. We let the children explore using ice, talking about its use and what happens to it in the heat. They also got to enjoy ice lollies for their snack. There was lots of climbing and jumping in our outdoor area as well as in Forest school again this week. The children had mastered independently exploring and were showing me different routes to take in the Forest and some shortcuts. there was also some excellent sunglasses making going on to help our eyes stay safe.



WC 4th July 2022


This week we read the book Handa's surprise. We looked at the fruit and how they are grown and animals in the story. The children got to try some of the fruits in the story including pineapple, mango, passion fruit, banana, avocado, oranges and tangerine. We spoke about their textures and their tastes. There were some fruits that the children found a bit sour. The children practised their number recognition and counting skills using puzzles and matching cards in the sandpit. they also retold the story using puppets in the flower tyres. 

In Forest school the children continued exploring independently and worked on their gross motor skills by climbing and jumping.

WC 27th June 2022


This week was Sports week and we have had lots of fun doing our running races and sports day carousel. In between our practising we have had fun with the marble runs and water play. The children have also been keen to show off their singing and dancing skills, making their own microphones and music up. 

In Forest school we were explorers in the jungle, the children used their great imaginations to see the animals. We stayed off the main path and explored the routes in between the trees and bushes. 

W/C 20th June 2022


This week we have continued exploring our new topic, we looked at farm animals to help us with our maths, counting them and trying to subitise. We also practised writing numbers with our fingers in gloop and with pencils. We read Jack and the beanstalk and looked at different types of beans. The children used their senses to explore them and open them up then practised their fine motor by using tweezers to transport then beans inside. In PE we got some practise for sports day carousel and running races. The children had great fun and were very tired by the end of it!

In Forest school we looked at natural things that have been growing and collected items to create a picture when we got back.

WC 13th June 2022


This week we introduced our topic, Ready, Steady, Grow! We have created a shop in the classroom to encourage role play and a storyline into our play. The children have been using pretend money to buy foods from the shop. We have looked at the story of The Gigantic Turnip and the children explored some vegetables from the story using knives under supervision to cut them. They also retold the story using props.

We had lots of water play as the weather was so hot and a special treat on Friday of some juice made lollies.

WC 6th June 2022


This week, we have been slightly off timetable, looking at Pentecost alongside our child initiated play. 

WC 23rd May 2022


This week we have been looking at up, down, over, under and through and practising them in the garden. We have also been talking about the Queen and her upcoming jubilee. In preparation for this, we have been making crowns using a variety of textures such as shiny paper and gems. We also got to decorate cakes to take home and enjoy as well as try scones with jam. To finish our week off, we celebrated by having a playground street party with Snowflakes class, with treats and playtime.

WC 16th May 2022


This week we had great fun exploring the sunshine. We looked at a book that spoke about sunshine, and what to wear. The children practised being safe in the sun by dressing up in summer clothes, with dresses, shorts and hats. They practised spraying sun cream outside using water sprayers, spraying their legs and arms. They also got to put sun cream (cornflour) on the babies inside. Alongside these activities the children also looked at ice, how it 

feels - what happens to it when it gets warm. We also searched for our shadows outside and looked at what happens to our shadow when there is no sun. 


WC 9th May 2022


This week we have been very busy with our topic sunshine and sunflowers. We looked at the book Errol's Garden and spoke about growing fruit, vegetables and flowers. We all got to plant a sunflower seed and had a look in the garden at our strawberry plants, mint and basil plant and the flower seeds. We spoke about what we need to grow these things and the children were able to recognise that we need sun, and water. 

We also had a tea party, everyone had to be very careful using our new tea set and the children made some lovely cups of tea and coffee, using a variety of flavoured teas, flowers and ground coffee.

There was lots going on in the garden, with children in the sandpit, challenging themselves to find the pair of flower cards and trying to identify them. There were also some builders amongst the children, they practised their hammering and sawing skills to see what they could build. 

In Forest School we were explorers, and we walked around finding new routes to explore the forest. The children did well navigating under, through and over branches and logs. 

WC 2nd May 2022


This week we have had lots of fun inside and out. We have been playing doctors after many requests from the children, we set up a patient surgery inside and lots of children were treated by doctors and vets. 

We have been lucky enough to have some nice weather and the children have enjoyed playing with water, using the animals and oats as well as practising their filling and pouring skills. 

In Forest School, the children looked for natural treasures and many collected some flowers, sticks and leaves. We talked about their appearances and why they were treasures.