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Pentecost - 7th - 10th June

This week, the whole school celebrated Pentecost.  We learned that, at this time, the Church celebrates its birthday.  We had ‘themed’ days; water, wind and fire and learned how these elements link to Pentecost.


We learned a poem called ’I am Water’ and we recited it to the whole school during our Assembly on Friday.

We made ‘water’ collages and designed our own boats.  We tested them in water to see if they would float.



We learned a dance called ‘Mr. Wind’ and collected different natural materials from Forest School to make wind chimes.



We made ’Fire Safety’ Posters and painted a camp fire picture.  We drew doves to add to our pictures and we wrote Acrostic poems about fire.



Mardi Gras - Tuesday, 1st March 2022


Today, we celebrated Shrove Tuesday with a Mardi Gras Parade.  We came to school dressed in the colours for Mardi Gras.  We made masks and streamers for our Mardi Gras Parade in our school playground. We also made King Cakes.   King Cakes are oval-shaped to symbolize the unity of faiths. Each cake is decorated in the traditional Mardi Gras colours - purple representing justice, green representing faith, and gold representing power. A small baby, symbolizing the baby Jesus, is traditionally hidden inside each King Cake.

We took our RE Creative lesson into Forest School where we learned how to peel sticks to make wooden stick people. Linking in with our RE learning about families, we made Jesus' Family and our 'Godly Play' acted out The Presentation of Jesus at The Temple at Candlemas.

The Nativity - role play in small groups


We have learned about Remembrance Day and what the Poppy symbolises.  This is our time to thank God for the soldiers who sacrificed their lives so that we have peace in our country today. We wear Poppies as a symbol to remind us the importance of peace in our world, for remembrance and hope. The Bible tells us that we can be strong and courageous because God is with us and will never leave us.  Jesus tells us that all things are possible with God.  God tells us to love one another.

We read ‘The Peace Book’ by Todd Parr thought about what ‘peace’ means to each of us. 

We wrote our own prayer on to a Poppy and placed this on to the Prayer Tree on our Prayer Table.

We painted individual poppies for a class display and we wrote about why we wear poppies.


10th December 2021 - We listened to the first part of the Christmas Story - the journey to Bethlehem and the Birth of Jesus. In groups we acted out the story.

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