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WC 27th November 2023

Celebrate: Advent Wreath. Live: Celebrate Advent, it is a time to get ready for Christmas.

This week we spoke about Advent and it being a time to get ready for Christmas. Advent meaning to wait for the arrival of Jesus. We looked at an Advent wreath and what it symbolises. We then made our own wreaths with the purple, pink and white candles.

WC 20th November 2023

BelieveMary had a baby called Jesus. Hear: Shepherds hurried to see Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus.  

This week we read the story of Christmas, recapping on who was born at Christmas and why we celebrate it. There were some people who came to see baby Jesus and we focused on the shepherds coming and giving Jesus a lamb. We talked about the role of a shepherd and made some sheep for the children to look after.

WC 13th November 2023

Hear: Mary was going to have a baby. His name will be Jesus.                                                                                     We began to read the story of Christmas. We spoke about how Mary was chosen to have Jesus. How she felt when she was chosen and how the children feel when they are chosen for something: happy, excited, nervous. The children were able to dress up as Mary and Joseph and explore some of the people from the Christmas story.      


WC 6th November 2023

This week we looked at Remembrance Day and thought about all those who lost their lives in the war and their families. We made Poppies using cupcake cases and lolly sticks for a whole school display and painted paper plate poppies for our class. 

WC 30th October 2023

To know that there are other faiths and celebrations.

This week we had a looked at Diwali, we spoke about who celebrates Diwali and how they do it. We discussed similarities and differences between Hinduism and Christianity - both have Gods and celebrations although some are different. 

We created rangoli patterns with beads and playdough and coloured rangoli patterns. We also created mendhi patterns on hands using crayons and sequins. 

WC 16th October 2023

Live: Look after god’s wonderful world

This week we recalled who made our wonderful world. We spoke about how we look after one another and how we can then look after God's world. The children picked up some litter in the garden to help keep the outside area clean, they also looked after any creatures they found when playing and put them in a good home. 


WC 9th October 2023

Live: Look after me.

This week we recapped on who created the world and some of the things God created in it. We spoke about how we feel that God created us and how we can look after each other. We linked this to our feelings, what makes us feel these things and how can we help others feel those things too. The children said they like to be happy and how we can share, be kind and see our families to help us feel this way. In our activities we drew different faces and spoke about the feeling that comes with the face.

W/C 25th September 2023


Believe: God made me. God loves me. God loves everyone.

This week we revisited God creating the world as well as creating us. We spoke about God creating us and our families in his image. This led on to who is in our family and that God loves all of us. We made ourselves and families in a variety of ways: using natural objects, creating a stick house and drawing our family, using sticks and leaves in our outdoor area and using construction toys like lego.

WC 18th September 2023

Hear: God made our beautiful world and everything in it.

This week we looked at God creating the World. We looked at each day and what was created. We spoke about the World and what things God made on this world: "Sea", "land", "sun", "animals" and us! The children coloured in a world and we looked more into what the blue is (sea) and what the green is (land) as well as what things God also created to live in those places.


W/C 11th September 2023

This week we introduced the sign of the cross and the words the words to go with it. The children practised using their right hand to make the sign of the cross as well as speaking about Jesus and why we pray to him.

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