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WC 15th May 2023

This week we looked at the story of the Ascension - Jesus going back to his father in Heaven. We read the story and thought about how the Disciples were feeling, we linked this to how we would feel if someone we loved left. The children then joined in activities of colouring Jesus going back to Heaven as well as creating Jesus in the sky.

WC 8th May 2023

This week we read and spoke about the story of Jesus appearing to his friends. We thought about how his friends may be feeling without Jesus and how they felt when he returned. The children then linked this to their lives and times when they feel scared: when its dark, when I see a spider, when people shout at me, Lions, T-rex's and monsters. We then looked at what makes the children feel better in these situations: a cuddle, putting a light on, using a torch to see, taking the spider away. 


As well as this lesson we also had parents join us for a collective worship. This was linked to Peter and Mary Magdalene seeing Jesus after he was resurected and how happy they felt. We said things that made us happy and put a flower in the vase to represent this, some of these were: Spiderman, my mummy, chocolate, my sister playing with me. 

WC 24th April 2023

This week we revisited the resurrection of Jesus, and how Mary Magdalene felt when she visited the tomb where Jesus was buried but he was not there. Wen then spoke about when Jesus appeared to her and how she felt excited and happy. In celebration of this feeling the children created streamers to dance with. 

WC 17th April 2023

This week we had a look at the story of the Resurrection and how Peter felt when Jesus rose from the dead. We looked at why he was sad on good Friday and how he then felt when the angel told him the good news. The children spoke about what things and experiences make them happy and sad. Those children then showed me how they look when they feel happy and sad. 

W/C 27th March 2023

This week we looked at The Easter story, we read a simplified version and went over the key parts. The children then sequenced the story using the 4 main parts and recalled what had been read. Throughout the week the children were encouraged to make crosses in all areas using things they could find. 

WC 20th March 2023

This week we looked at the story Oh No, George! We spoke about the good choices and bad choices that George made in the story and what he did to make those right. During the day the children thought about when they upset or hurt someone and what they did to make it better. There were lots of suggestion: say sorry, hug, make a card, play with them, help them.

WC 6th March 2023

This week we had a look at the story of Zacchaeus and how he was greedy with money until Jesus helped him to change his ways. We spoke about what we do if we do something wrong and how we can put those wrong choices right again. The children got to choose colouring or to make Zacchaeus in the tree. 

WC 27th February 2023

This week we looked at happy and sad faces and the behaviours that could cause those. The children had to sort out happy and sad photos into the right category, some children spoke about what makes them happy or what makes them sad.

WC 20th February 2023

Mardi Gras/ Shrove Tuesday

This week we looked at the meaning of Shrove Tuesday and the celebration of Mardi Gras. We did pancake races ad tried pancakes for snack. We looked at the different colours of Mardi Gras and what they represent: purple - justice, green - faith and gold - power. We made crowns and necklaces to represent the special day.

WC 6th February 2023

To know that we must be kind to everyone the way that Jesus showed us.

We read the book sharing a shell together, we spoke about what the characters did in the story that was kind to one another. Throughout the day, the children noted every time they did something kind. They also made shells to represent the crab sharing its shell.

WC 30th January 2023

Begin to know that Jesus showed he was the son of God at the Wedding in Cana. Begin to think about what this means for us. 

We heard about the wedding at Cana that Jesus went to with his mother. We discussed what a miracle is - something that only Jesus could do and he only did them to help people. In the story Jesus turned water into wine when it had run out. The children had a turn at turning water into wine (using food colouring). 

WC 23rd January 2022

This week we thought about the people who are poorly and the people who help them. Together we came up with a prayer that we read together and thought about. 

WC 16th January 2023

This week we spoke about how Jesus helps people and what people there are to help us. We thought back to the pool of Bethesda and how Jesus helped the man at the pool, and then what places and people help us. We spoke about doctors, nurses, mummies, daddies, dentists and grandparents. the children then had the opportunity to be doctors and nurses or even a patient. They had great fun playing their role and helping one another. 

WC 9th January 2023

This week in RE we looked at the man who was cured by the pool. We read through a short story if Jesus helping those who were sick, and how he cured the paralysed man by the pool . We said a prayer to help those who are sick and those who help them and then role played the story. 

WC 5th January 2023

This week we looked at the feast if Epiphany. The children were able to recall from the Nativity story and could talk about the Three Kings. We made a collage picture of the Three Kings and some glitter salt dough stars to represent the day.

W/C 12th December 2022

This week we finished the story of the Nativity. We spoke about how special Jesus is and how it is an important day we celebrate every year at Christmas. The children cut and sequenced the story, we spoke about what happened at the start, the middle and the end.

WC 5th December 2022

This week we continued our story of The Nativity. We re-read the start and read up to Jesus being born in a stable. The children had great recall of the story so far and could remember the key parts. Our activity this week was to create Angel Gabriel using doilies. They all made beautiful angels. 

WC 28th November 2022

This week we began the story of The Nativity. We read about Angel Gabriel visiting Mary and then Mary and Joseph having to travel to Bethlehem on a donkey. The children had great fun dressing up and retelling the story so far. There were lots of angels telling Mary she would have a baby called Jesus and he is the son of God. They also coloured pictures of Mary and Joseph on their way to Bethlehem. 

WC 21st November 2022


This week we learnt about how God asked us to care for the world. We looked at some pictures to remind ourselves of what God created for us, we then coloured those pictures in and stuck them to a world we made. We also sung 'He's got the whole world in his hands' to help us remember some of the important things he made, like us!

WC 14th November 2022


This week we heard and responded to the things that God created for us. We looked around our outside area and found some of the things God created; trees, grass, plants, flowers, sky. We then created a world using bubble paint with a handprint to represent ourselves.

WC 7th November 2022

This week, we looked at how much God's love is for us. We read the book Guess how much I love you and spoke about the love we have for each other and people in our families. We tried to see if we could show our love using our hands and reaching up tall and wide. We sat in a circle and passed round Snowflake, when someone was holding him the child could say "God's love is bigger than...." and the children gave their idea. 

WC 31st October 2022

This week we looked at God's creation of the world. We looked at and discussed the 7 days it took for God to create the Earth. The children coloured pictures that represented the seven days and if they wanted to, they could choose one of the pictures that showed what he made in that day and say why it was their favourite - "It's my favourite because we live there", "It's my favourite because I like the daytime". 

W/C 17th October 2022


We looked at the story of Jesus wanting the children to come to him as he loves children and thinks they are very special. The children spoke about how they would feel in the story being told to go away by Jesus’ friends and then being asked to come by Jesus, so the children made happy and sad faces, and retold the story. They also stuck their picture near Jesus so they know they are close and special to him.

WC 10th October 2022

This week we have been speaking about how we can show our love for God. We read the story The little red hen and spoke about helping each other is a way of showing our love, so together we helped one another make wolf stew, chopping the vegetables and then having the reward of trying it together. Throughout the day the children continued to help each other and show kindness to show their love for God.

WC 3rd October 2022

This week spoke more about why and how we are special. The children passed round a mirror to look at themselves and could choose to say why they think they are special. " I am special because I like cars", "I am special because my mum and dad love me". The children then had an opportunity to draw their self portraits.

WC 26th September 2022

This week in RE we spoke about how God created all the people in the world to be part of his family including us. We looked at how we are all different but have similarities. We are all unique and special. 

The children identified different things about themselves; "black eyes", "Brown eyes", "I have brown skin", "curly hair", "my hair is curly. It's blonde".

WC 19th September 2022

This week we started our Re lessons. I introduced the children to the prayer table where we keep the class RE book and class Bible. I spoke to the children about how important the table is and that we must keep it looking neat and tidy. The class have been learning three prayers, one to start our learning sessions, one at lunchtime and the other we say when it is time to go home. They have been very good at joining in with the actions.

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