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RE in Snowflakes

             RE in Snowflakes Nursery

In Snowflakes we learn about and learn from the Catholic Faith.

Through simple activities and group circle times we teach the following:

  • to know that God loves and cares for each of us and how to reflect on this
  • to hear about and to respond to the things God created for us
  • to know that God has asked us to care for the world and to think of ways in which we can help to do it
  • to know that God made each one of us different and special and to reflect on this.

The class have been shown how to say prayers in the morning before the day starts and in the afternoon before going home. We have also shown them how we can sit as a group around the prayer table, putting our hands together and making the sign of the cross.



Today we learnt about The Holy Family. We heard about how Mary said she would be the mother of Jesus and how she and Joseph travelled to Bethlehem. Jesus was born in a stable and they became The Holy Family. We also learnt that special people in the Bible are pictured with halos around their heads, to show their holiness.

We made The Holy Family from lolly sticks and material to put onto our Christmas cards.


Today we visited the Prayer Garden. We saw a big statue of Jesus and we said our Morning Prayer when we were there. We are going to make our own small Prayer Area in the Early Years playground.

Later we practised joining our hands and saying our prayers.


We are thinking about COP26 this week and about how we can better look after our world.

When we were at Forest School, a robin flew down and was sitting close to us, preeening itself. This litle robin used to be fed by one of our pupils in school.

Later that day, two robins flew into Mrs Browne's class after school when it was dark outside. The lights were on in the class and the door was open. We talked about this in class and wondered whether the robin and his friend were hungry and had flown into the school looking for food and for the boy who used to feed them.

We decided that we need to look after our robins, as they are God's creatures and this can be part of our job of looking after our world.

We made bird feeders by squashing lard into pine cones and then sticking raisins into the lard. We took the bird feeders up to Forest School and hung them in the trees for our robins and any other birds who are hungry.


This week we celebrated Diwali, the Festival of Lights. It is Hindu New Year. We learnt about how Hindu people make beautiful patterns in their houses and they light little lamps and fireworks to celebrate.  

Diwali means "rows of lighted lamps."

We made little clay lamps for our candles and decorated them. We also coloured in some Diwali lights and stuck a flame on them.


Today we heard the story about how Jesus' friends tried to stop the little children from bothering Him. Jesus said "Let the little children come to me."

We stuck pictures of ourselves close to Jesus.


Today we listened to the story of The Little Red Hen and talked about how none of her friends helped her. We thought about how it is good to help each other and that we can show God we love Him by helping each other. We discovered that Teddy needed help to put his clothes on and that he also needed someone to help him to get his breakfast. We spent a long time helping Teddy!


"I have a special box. I want you to look inside the box, but don't say anything. Then pass the box on to the person next to you."

We looked into the special box and the children were excited to see what was inside. When we had all had a turn, we talked about what we saw.

"I saw me!"  "It was a mirror!"  "I am smiling!" 

Why did we see ourselves in the special box? Because we are ALL special and so we are all in the special box.


This week  we compared ourselves to each other, looking carefully at skin colour, eye colour, hair type, height and so on. We learnt that we all look different on the outside, but that God loves us all the same. The children then used the iPad to take photos of each other, following prompts such as "Who has curly hair?", "Can you find someone with blue eyes?".

1st October 2021         

                                           Going Green for CAFOD

On Friday the children were encouraged to come to school wearing one item of green clothing as the school were taking part in Going Green for CAFOD         (the Catholic International development charity in England and Wales).

Shining a light on some of the causes of the climate emergency whilst doing our bit to guard God's creation and protect our common home.

Supporting Amazon communities, protecting the rainforest and people around the world dealing with climate crisis.


This term we have started our RE journey by talking about how we are all different and that God made all of us and loves all of us. We have talked about the people in our families and have learnt that we are all part of God's family.

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