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Religious Education

Religious Education

We started the term introducing the school prayers, our prayer table and the school mission statement.  The children are learning to say their prayers and are still working on making the sign of the cross with their right hand. 

Since then we have been thinking about our families and our wider family at school, creation and all the wonderful things that God made. We have learned that we, God's people, have been given the job of looking after this world. This includes, caring for plants and animals, recycling and reusing rather than throwing things away and loving one another.

Our Prayer Table

Summer Term 1

Ascension Day

The children looked at and discussed a variety of different painting of the Ascension. We then drew our own pictures and either painted or coloured them.




Give me Love in my Heart

We have been learning about and reflecting on the resurrection of Jesus and how his friends / disciples reacted to seeing him alive again. When Jesus appeared to the disciples in the locked room he brought them the gift of peace.

We learned the song 'Give me joy in My heart keep me singing'. The children developed their own actions and then had a chance to add musical instruments.

Spring Term 2 - Easter

The children have been learning all about the events that happen in the week leading up to Easter day. They have been amazing at retelling the story and are using lots of detail.

"Jesus is coming into Jerusalem for a celebration." - Vianne

"They are waving palm branches." - Hannah

"The last supper. Jesus is with his friends, There are 12 disciples." - David

"Jesus broke the bread, he blessed it." - Neila

"They arrested Jesus. Peter cut off the guards ear." - Devlyn

'The cross was very heavy. They found a man on the side of the road to carry the cross for Jesus. His name was Simon." - Vianne

"They put him in a tomb. They put a heavy stone in front of it." - Franky

Spring Term 2 - Sorrow and Joy

This topic includes the story of Zacchaeus, the feeding of the 5000 and the Easter story.

We read the story of Jesus feeding 5000 people with a small boys picnic. We talked about sharing and asked Jesus to help us to be better at sharing. We made our own bread rolls which we shared with our friends. We also took some home to share with our families.

Spring Term 1 - Getting to know Jesus

This term we are learning about Jesus. First of all we learned about how much he loves us all, especially the little children. We have now started to learn about some of the miracles he performed. We learned about the sick man at the pool of Bethesda and how Jesus healed the man.  Jesus  said "Pick up your mat and walk" and after many many years of illness he was completely healed. The children acted out the story, some more enthusiastically than others. We also made get well cards and wrote prayers for sick friends and relatives. Some of us even attempted to write what Jesus had said to the sick man. We are looking forward to learning more about Jesus this term and how we can be more like him.


Notice the surprise on everyones faces in the final photograph - Jesus had completely healed the sick man.

Christmas in Reception - The Nativity 

The children have been learning all about the story of Christmas. They have been retelling the story, dressing up and role playing the story, writing, drawing and painting pictures. We have found as many different ways as we can to represent Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus.

Our first Religious Education Display - Creation

God's Family

Our topic for Autumn 2 is God's Family. We have been talking about how we belong to a variety of family groups; Our family at home, our family at church, our Sunshine family, the school family and God's family.

The children had lots of ideas about what families are like and we created a poem together.



Families hug each other.

Families play together.

Families share.

Families take care of each other.

Families go out to dinner together.

Families play together on the beach.

Families keep us safe.

Families help us.

Families eat together.

We are God’s family.

(A poem about families written by Sunshine Class)

We represented our families

Learning about creation and looking after our world

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Whole School:

"We are part of God's family. We follow the way of Jesus by loving, learning and doing our best."


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