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Snow Day Learning

Good Morning everyone in 1C and 1B,


What a surprise to see the snow last night and so much of it!  We hope that everyone is keeping safe and warm this morning.  Our learning for today:-  


English - The Jolly Christmas Postman - We are reading up to where The Jolly Postman visits Little Red Riding Hood.  I shall put a link for the book so that you can listen to the story.

Here is a link to the video of the book: The Jolly Christmas Postman (read by Olga Kutsepalova) - YouTube


Points to discuss: 

1. Investigate the meaning of the word 'festive'.

2. To understand that the word 'gift' is an alternative word for 'present'.

3. What gift has Mr. Wolf sent to Little Red Riding Hood?

4. What does Mr. Wolf mean by 'I'm a changed wolf.'?

5. Why does the Jolly Postman think 'He's got a nerve.'?


If you pause the video where the person is showing the game and talk about it.  Today's writing activity is about the game 'Get Out of the Woods' which Mr. Wolf has sent to Little Red Riding Hood.  It is to write an instruction/instructions for the game, thinking about possible things which might happen if they are out for a walk e.g. You fall down a hole - go back three spaces; You trip over a branch - go back one space; You get caught in a snowstorm - go back to the start of the game; You find a woodland fairy - fly forward six spaces.  Perhaps write the instructions as a list; 1, 2, 3 etc.



Benchmarks of 0, 5 and 10 and their relationship to the numbers 1-10.


Show a blank tens frame.  Recap that an empty tens frame represents 0.  Count to 10 filling the tens frame, from left to right, top row first, with a counter for each number.  Pause at 5 and check that the top row is now full and that the bottom row is empty.  Pause at 10 to check that if the frame is now full, then this is 10.  Worksheet relating to this.  




In science, we are learning about Human Senses and today our focus is about sensory loss. There is a video to watch.


We are sure that some of you will be outside exploring in the snow today.  Relating to our science topic, senses, you might like to think about using your senses in the snow today.  You might like to take a photograph and write about what snow feels like and how it affects your senses.  



Discuss different homes and say how they are the same as yours and how they are different.  Complete the attached sheet showing similarities and differences. 


Our Best wishes,

Mrs. Claridge and Miss. Brassington

Maths - Relationship to 0, 5, 10

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