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Snowflakes B

                                Welcome to Snowflakes B class page.

Here you will find information and pictures showing what the children have been doing in class and outside in the playground.

The staff in Snowflakes are Mrs Badger and Mrs Wilkinson.



Autumn Term 2020- Nursery Curriculum Letter

Curriculum Overview for Foundation Stage - 2020-21

Home Learning Activities

                                Religious Education

Our first RE task was to be part of a whole school RE project which looked at different crosses and how they are used.

We looked at and handled a 'Holding Cross'. We helped to make a large Holding Cross which has gone up on display in the school Hall.

The term has started well with the children settling in to their new routines. It has been lovely to see them becoming more confident each day as they come through the gates. The sun has been shining which is great and the children have enjoyed making new friends. We look forward to lots of fun activities together in the weeks ahead.

                                                                  Religious Education

This week in RE we have been talking about our families, and the children brought in photographs of themselves when they were babies. Each child stood up in front of the class to show their photographs. We talked about how much they have grown and how different they look and that we are all different and special. We are all part of God's family.

We have also had a lot of fun painting self portraits and making our handprints.

Sharing our baby photographs with the class

Our Portrait Gallery - Snowflakes B


In our RE lesson this week we talked about the prayer table and how important it is for us to look after it in the classroom. As we gathered around the table we thought about our families and how we are all part of God's Family.

When we say our prayers in class we sit quietly on the floor and put our hands together. 


                                                            Thank You 


Sadly from next week we have to say goodbye to Mrs Unegbu as she leaves Snowflakes B to help in another class in the school.

Myself, Mrs Wilkinson and all the children in Snowflakes B would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Unegbu as it has been lovely having her in the class to help settle the children into their routines. We will all miss her but I know that she will always be able to pop by to see us again.


                                                                  Fine Motor Skills


Developing your child's fine motor skills is a very important first step to being able to hold a pencil and to make marks, leading to writing. One way to do this is by using playdough. Squeezing, pulling, rolling out and pinching playdough strengthens the fingers and helps to develop the pincer grip needed to hold a pencil. It is not until the hand is strong enough to do these actions that a child will be comfortable enough to make marks or write. This happens for every child at different times but we can help by giving them the opportunity to experience more of these actions.

Buying tubs of playdough can be expensive and so we have found a very simple microwave recipe which we use in school to make larger batches of playdough. It is also something you can do with your child but do be careful as it is hot when it first comes out of the microwave.




                                    Funny Bones

This week we have been learning all about our bodies. We watched Funny Bones and read a Funny Bones story together. Afterwards we built the skeletons to go on our display. We were very good at connecting the right bits together. We all thought they looked very funny!!!

Mrs Wilkinson then helped the children to make their own skeleton hands using black paper and cotton buds. We also looked at x-rays of different parts of the body.

Our Funny Bones Display


Following on from last week's RE lesson, with some help from Rainbow Bear, the class talked again about how we are all special and how we are all good at doing different things. Then, as we gathered around the prayer table, the children came up to pin their special stars on the collective tree.

We all think that the tree looks very pretty.

                         Developing our Gross Motor Skills

This week we have really enjoyed learning all about scarecrows. The children have been able to take part in lots of different activities which have helped to develop their learning skills. They have particularly enjoyed joining in with our action songs.

Being able to move different parts of the body, to manoeuvre around objects safely and follow instructions are all very important skills to develop. Large body movements which become strong and purposeful help towards finer motor control skills such as holding a pencil, pen or crayon for mark making. A child will only be able to control their finer motor movements if they have strong upper body and core strength. Dancing and moving to music is not only a fun activity to do but it is also of huge developmental value for children of this age. It is also something which you can have fun with at home as well.

The children loved pretending to be scarecrows, wearing their flippy floppy hats and shaking their hands and feet whilst singing 'I'm a Dingle Dangle Scarecrow'.

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