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Snowflakes B

                       Welcome to Snowflakes B class page

Here you will find information and pictures showing what the children have been doing in class and outside in the playground.

The staff in Snowflakes are Mrs Badger, Mrs Wilkinson and Miss Wilkin.



                             Spring Term Learning


It has been lovely to see and feel the sun coming out a bit more over the past few days and it certainly has helped to put smiles on our faces. The children have enjoyed the activities, and as each week has passed they have remembered the routines and have become more comfortable when working in small groups or interacting with their friends.

There has been a lot of chatting, developing communication skills, relearning how to share and take turns and how to wait for an adults help or attention when there are others also waiting.

We have learnt about all sorts of different colours and animals through our stories and with the help of the Mixed Up Chameleon we found out that it is ok to be who you are.

The Easter story has been told and the class enjoyed learning about how this Spring festival is celebrated in church.


We have also welcomed a new friend to the class called Bethel and we would like to extend this welcome to her family as well.


The class also said goodbye and a big thank you to Miss Henesey as she will be going to a different class to continue with her studies after Easter. 


I would personally like to thank Mrs Gajjar, Mrs Wilkinson and Miss Wilkin for all their help and support in Snowflakes B and I would also like to wish everyone a very Happy, peaceful and healthy Easter.


                           Welcome Back Snowflakes

It was so lovely to welcome everyone back to Snowflakes B this week and also to say hello to some new friends in the class. We have had a very busy first week back and all the children seemed very keen and eager to join in with all the activities.

On Tuesday we took advantage of the dry weather and went for a walk through the Forest School where we explained the rules to keep ourselves safe whilst we are there. We also sat and listened to the birds and even saw a little Robin who came along to say hello.

On Wednesday the class had lots of fun joining in with Mr Syme's PE lesson in the hall and Mrs Gajjar took the class for the rest of the morning.

We have sung songs, joined in with circle time, played outside in our playground and made some circle mobiles for the classroom.

The children loved making their Mother's Day surprises to take home as well.

Our first week back at school


World Book Day

It is so important to be able to share books with your child to help develop their love of words and to build their vocabulary. Books do not just have to be stories but can also be information books, so long as your child is able to access them and you can give them your time to share them together. Reading and sharing a book should be time spent together having fun and giving enjoyment.

Aiyannah and Amiyah dressed up as their favourite character, Elsa

Riyon read his favourite book Elmer and the Rainbow and Elodie dressed up as Supertato

Riyon went on an animal hunt to find all the animals from Brown Bear Brown Bear What Can You See?

Spring Term - first half

                  Sir Captain Tom Moore 100 Challenge

As a school this half term, we have taken on the 100 Challenge in memory of Sir Captain Tom Moore, who in the first lockdown decided to walk 100 times around his garden in support of the NHS who had looked after him so well during a stay in hospital. He was an inspiration to so many and gave us a feeling of hope in very difficult times.

Here are a few photographs of how you have taken on this challenge. Well done to you all.

Mrs Badger stroked her cat, Margot, 100 times

Zayan's 100 step walk

Amiyah's 100 phonic Challenge Walk

Amiyah went on a very wet walk with her Mummy and on the way they took note of what they could see and what they heard. Amiyah then told her Mummy what phonic sound it began with. They found 100 things.

Teddie and his brother Mason counting 100 steps up and down their stairs

Riyon doing different dance moves for 100 seconds

                  January 2021 Home Learning

RE       Epiphany

This morning the children watched the power point which told them about The Epiphany and the journey of the Three Kings to see baby Jesus. Here is a link to the Power point and an activity which the children might enjoy doing.

Amiyah's home learning photos

7th January Home Learning

Developing good pencil skills is a very important part of the Early Years curriculum and we try to do some pencil control activities every day. Here are some lovely winter pictures to trace over and finish off. First use your index finger to trace over the dotted lines and then use a crayon or coloured pencil to draw over the dots. Go slowly and carefully trying to stay on the lines. Remember to hold your crayon or pencil correctly with the index finger sitting on the top and all the others tucked underneath.

Elodie's Home Learning

Troy's Home Learning

Jada's home learning 11th January

Riyon's Home Learning

Please scroll down to the end of the page for a Christmas message.


                  We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Please use this link for the words and music to We Wish A Merry Christmas. 

Autumn Term 2020- Nursery Curriculum Letter

Curriculum Overview for Foundation Stage - 2020-21

Home Learning Activities

                                Religious Education

Our first RE task was to be part of a whole school RE project which looked at different crosses and how they are used.

We looked at and handled a 'Holding Cross'. We helped to make a large Holding Cross which has gone up on display in the school Hall.

The term has started well with the children settling in to their new routines. It has been lovely to see them becoming more confident each day as they come through the gates. The sun has been shining which is great and the children have enjoyed making new friends. We look forward to lots of fun activities together in the weeks ahead.

                                                                  Religious Education

This week in RE we have been talking about our families, and the children brought in photographs of themselves when they were babies. Each child stood up in front of the class to show their photographs. We talked about how much they have grown and how different they look and that we are all different and special. We are all part of God's family.

We have also had a lot of fun painting self portraits and making our handprints.

Sharing our baby photographs with the class

Our Portrait Gallery - Snowflakes B


In our RE lesson this week we talked about the prayer table and how important it is for us to look after it in the classroom. As we gathered around the table we thought about our families and how we are all part of God's Family.

When we say our prayers in class we sit quietly on the floor and put our hands together. 


                                                            Thank You 


Sadly from next week we have to say goodbye to Mrs Unegbu as she leaves Snowflakes B to help in another class in the school.

Myself, Mrs Wilkinson and all the children in Snowflakes B would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Unegbu as it has been lovely having her in the class to help settle the children into their routines. We will all miss her but I know that she will always be able to pop by to see us again.


                                                                  Fine Motor Skills


Developing your child's fine motor skills is a very important first step to being able to hold a pencil and to make marks, leading to writing. One way to do this is by using playdough. Squeezing, pulling, rolling out and pinching playdough strengthens the fingers and helps to develop the pincer grip needed to hold a pencil. It is not until the hand is strong enough to do these actions that a child will be comfortable enough to make marks or write. This happens for every child at different times but we can help by giving them the opportunity to experience more of these actions.

Buying tubs of playdough can be expensive and so we have found a very simple microwave recipe which we use in school to make larger batches of playdough. It is also something you can do with your child but do be careful as it is hot when it first comes out of the microwave.




                                    Funny Bones

This week we have been learning all about our bodies. We watched Funny Bones and read a Funny Bones story together. Afterwards we built the skeletons to go on our display. We were very good at connecting the right bits together. We all thought they looked very funny!!!

Mrs Wilkinson then helped the children to make their own skeleton hands using black paper and cotton buds. We also looked at x-rays of different parts of the body.

Our Funny Bones Display


Following on from last week's RE lesson, with some help from Rainbow Bear, the class talked again about how we are all special and how we are all good at doing different things. Then, as we gathered around the prayer table, the children came up to pin their special stars on the collective tree.

We all think that the tree looks very pretty.

                         Developing our Gross Motor Skills

This week we have really enjoyed learning all about scarecrows. The children have been able to take part in lots of different activities which have helped to develop their learning skills. They have particularly enjoyed joining in with our action songs.

Being able to move different parts of the body, to manoeuvre around objects safely and follow instructions are all very important skills to develop. Large body movements which become strong and purposeful help towards finer motor control skills such as holding a pencil, pen or crayon for mark making. A child will only be able to control their finer motor movements if they have strong upper body and core strength. Dancing and moving to music is not only a fun activity to do but it is also of huge developmental value for children of this age. It is also something which you can have fun with at home as well.

The children loved pretending to be scarecrows, wearing their flippy floppy hats and shaking their hands and feet whilst singing 'I'm a Dingle Dangle Scarecrow'.

Our Classroom Displays

Here are some of our class displays.

We have made Autumn leaf stick puppets and we talked about lots of different things we could see when it is Autumn.

We also made some shapes and stuck lots of coloured paper on them. Which shapes can you see?

In RE we talked about how God created the world.

We spoke about all the different colours and painted a rainbow.

                                   Sharing stories

This week your child will be able to choose a book to take home with them on Monday which they can keep for the week and bring back to school the following Monday and swap for another one.

Sharing a book together is an important part of children learning about reading.

Choose a quiet time when you can both take time, not only reading the book but also looking and talking about the pictures. This is just as important and helps to develop vocabulary and understanding. Don't forget to look at the cover of the book and tell your child who wrote the book and drew the pictures.

Ask some questions:

What can they see?

What are the people/ animals doing?

What might happen next?

What do they think the story is about?

Take time to ask who/ what and where questions and then give your child time to answer.

Sometimes you might find that, just as we as adults enjoy re-reading a story several times your child might choose to take the same book home again. They might also choose a non-fiction book or information book rather than a story, these are a great source of information and can help reluctant readers and talkers to engage in words and speaking.



In our RE lesson today we talked about how we can help each other and those around us.

Rainbow bear needed help and we had to see if we could sort it out for him.

First he had got stuck in the basket. How could we help him to get out?

Then he couldn't put his trousers on. Who could help him?

He wanted some breakfast but needed some help. Could any of the children help him to eat?

Rainbow Bear was thirsty. How could we help him to drink?

Then he couldn't put his hat on. Could someone help him to do it?


                     We used our helping hands all day in class.

                           A Very Active Thursday

In PE today the children had a great time pretending to be fireworks. They used soft scarves and moved their arms around to make firework actions. The scarves were lots of different colours and it looked lovely as they twirled and twisted. They even had to put the scarves on their heads to pretend to be fireworks which hadn't been lit yet.

In the playground Mrs Wilkinson took the children on a train drive. They stopped at stations to let more children join the train and then moved around making chugging noises as they went. ' All aboard who would like to join the train?'

                                                         Autumn is Here

Our maths activity this week involved making a graph. The children had to choose a leaf from the basket and put it in the correct colour section. Which colour did they choose? Which colour has the most? Which colour has the least?


                           Fireworks and Diwali

The children loved making their firework pictures by using the cardboard inside of a kitchen roll which had been cut at the end. They dipped it in to different coloured paint and used it to print. They then added some glitter to make their picture sparkle.

We looked at the way people use fireworks to celebrate different festivals and special days. Our RE lesson was about Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights. The children listened to the story of Princess Sita and Prince Rama. They then made a Diva which is a special candle holder to decorate your house.

We also made some yummy chocolate biscuit sparklers which we ate for our snack. We took a chocolate finger biscuit and dipped it in some strawberry jam and then we dipped it in a small pot of sprinkles. They were yummy.



                          World Nursery Rhyme Week


Wheels on the Bus -

Five Little Speckled Frogs -

Old MacDonald Had A Farm -

Miss. Polly Had a Dolly -



Nursery rhymes provide bite-sized learning opportunities for young children to develop key developmental skills and can often be the trigger for hours of creative and open-ended play. They are a powerful learning source in early literacy and enable children to become interested in the rhythm and patterns of language.

Rhymes are fantastic vocabulary boosters. They often feature a pleasing rhythmic pattern and simple repetitive phrases that babies and young children find easy to remember and repeat. In order to develop their phonological awareness, children need to be repeatedly exposed to spoken language and nursery rhymes provide the perfect way to do this.

The children have loved joining in with our Nursery Rhyme week activities. We have driven buses, jumped like frogs, looked after sick dollies and copied the noises made by all the animals on Old MacDonald's Farm. Here are some photos of all our actions and activities.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

                           Christmas is Nearly Here

The children have been getting very excited in the class this week as each morning they come into the classroom, rush over to Elfie's basket to see if he is still there and find that he has disappeared. Where has he gone? So far he has managed to hide in a Christmas stocking, sit on top of the reading corner canopy, perch on top of the fire alarm and squash himself behind the Christmas tree. I wonder where he will be when we come to school on Monday?


Our lessons have focused on the Christmas story. We have learnt about what happened in Bethlehem and talked about how Mary and Joseph were told they were going to have a very special baby. The children have then been able to dress up as characters from the story, looking after baby Jesus and playing in the decorated stable in the classroom.

We put the Nativity scene out on the prayer table and went into the school hall to see all the beautiful class display boards which told the Nativity story. We had made sparkly stars to put on our board.

                                It's Christmas!!!!!

The children have had a fun filled week. They have been in the school hall to sing We Wish You a Merry Christmas, they had a visit from Santa and they really enjoyed thier Christmas party at the end of the week.

                                              A Huge Thank You


Myself, Mrs Wilkinson and the staff in Nurture,( Miss Hennesey and Miss Tatum) would like to say a huge thank you to all of you for your generosity and kindness. We were all extremely touched by the gifts sent to us for Christmas.

Starting back at school has been challenging but it is wonderful to arrive each morning to see the smiling faces of the children as they come through the door eager to start their day. We have had a lot of fun together this term.


We all wish you a very safe and happy Christmas and we look forward to better times ahead in 2021.


Mrs Badger

In January Deborah will be moving in to Mrs Claridge's class. We know that she will have lots of fun and wish her well.

We will also be getting 4 new friends joining us in Snowflakes B. We would like to welcome Lois, Louis, Teddie and Reece.

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