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Snowflakes C

Welcome to the  'Snowflakes C' Class Page


Mrs. Claridge is the Class Teacher and she is supported by Mrs. Wasniowska, Miss. Wilkin, Miss. Freestone and Mrs. Wilkinson.  This page will show you some of the exciting things the children have been doing in class and ideas for you to do at home to support learning.

July 2021 - Photographs taken during our last week of term; Forest School, PE with Mr. Syme on Google Classroom, Music with Mrs. Cooper, running races in PE with Mrs. Claridge, outdoor Mass this morning followed by our end of term party. Wishing all of the 'Snowflake' families a very happy and peaceful summer holiday. Take care everyone.

9th July 2021 - We have had a busy week in school. Here are photographs from Forest School on Tuesday morning (making collections on mirrors), Red and White Wellbeing Non-Uniform Day on Wednesday, Nursery Sports Morning on Friday. The children all joined in and tried their best in all of the activities. When we came back to our classroom, everyone gave a double thumbs up for having had a great morning outside. In the afternoon, they enjoyed ice lollies together as a 'well done' for taking part in Sports Day and then we waved our England flags and did some singing before home time (to give good luck to the England Football Team for Sunday's Euro 2020 Football Final).

27th June 2021 - The children have been working on ball skills in PE; controlling a ball using their feet and throwing and catching a small ball using cones. Also learning some early tennis skills, patting a ball with a racquet. In Forest School, the children looked for objects which they thought would either float or sink in water. We also did a search for different items from 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' story. On Friday, we made Mustard Sandwiches for Snack Time and tried these, together with Iced Biscuits, like Mrs. Grinling made in the story.

Friday 11th June 2021 - Science Day for Snowflakes - A Company called 'Fab Science' brought their 'Potty Potions' to our school. We made colour-changing potions and fizzy explosions and watched pourable clouds. We were all scientists for the day with lots of opportunities for hands on exploration and experiments. We continued our investigations in the afternoon by collecting different objects and predicting whether they would sink or float in water. What an interesting and fun day.

Tuesday 8th June - We have had a good first day back after the half-term. Here are our photographs from Forest School. We managed to photograph two butterflies who had joined us at the Log Circle and it looked like they were dancing as they flew above us. The children listened and worked very well this morning during Forest School. They worked in with a partner and they had to see what they could find inside their hoops. Lots of fantastic talk during today's activity!


16th May 2021 - here are some photographs taken during the past week. These include some taken during our PE lesson with Mr. Syme where we were doing long jump and javelin during our Athletics lesson, as well as photos of us busy painting sunflowers.

9th May 2021 - Here are some photographs taken during this past week including some from our RE learning, our PE lesson outdoors on Thursday afternoon, Songs and Rhymes with Mrs. Badger and planting sunflowers on Friday.

          Songs and Rhymes

It was lovely this morning to be able to join both Snowflakes B and C for a Zoom Song and Rhyme session. We sang some favourite songs together and learnt some new finger rhymes.

Why is it important to sing and share rhymes with our children?

Singing is not only a fun activity for your child but is also a great way to establish a solid foundation in terms of motor skills and communication skills.

Fine motor skills are the ability to control the small muscles in one's body, including fingers, toes, tongue and lips. Singing allows children to exercise the muscles in and around their mouths.

Singing also helps with speech and communication skills. Children's songs usually have rhyming words which help to develop phonic skills and sound awareness which enable them to speak, enunciate and learn to read with more ease. Singing with parents is supposed to foster reciprocal communication skills at a young age.

Songs which incorporate actions and movement will also help children with rhythm, spatial awareness, balance and coordination.


30th April 2021 - Today, we carried out some 'Egg-speriments'. Our first egg-speriment was to see what happened to Humpty Dumpty when he was put into a container of water - did he sink or float? We had a separate container of water with salt added to it - did he sink or float in this container? Our second egg-speriment looked at how strong egg shells are. Would the egg shells break if we stood on them? Here are our photographs.

27th April 2021 - We got to hold a chick when we visited today. Here are our photographs from today.

STOP PRESS: 23RD APRIL 2021 - Some more photographs from our visit to the chicks today.

STOP PRESS: 21ST APRIL 2021 - UPDATE ON THE LIVING EGGS: Here are the photographs from our visit to the chicks today. Overnight, another seven chicks hatched, with one more hatching at lunchtime today. Nine chicks have now hatched in total, 6 females and 3 males. Fingers crossed that our last chick will hatch out of its egg very soon.

20TH APRIL 2021 - STOP PRESS: - LIVING EGGS: OUR FIRST CHICK HATCHED THIS AFTERNOON. Let's see what tomorrow will bring. Perhaps some more of the chicks will hatch? Living Eggs allows us to experience life cycles and growth and development first hand, as well as encouraging social interaction and promoting caring and nurturing skills.

7th January Home Learning

Developing good pencil skills is an important part of the Early Years curriculum and so we try to do some pencil control activities every day. Here are some lovely winter pencil control pictures to trace over. First use your index finger to trace over the dotted lines and then try to do it with a crayon or coloured pencil. Go carefully and slowly trying to stay on the dots as best as you can. Don't forget to hold your pencil correctly with your index finger sitting on the top of your pencil and all the others sitting underneath.

Autumn Term 2020 - Nursery Curriculum Letter

Curriculum Overview for Foundation Stage for the academic year 2020-21


RELIGIOUS EDUCATION: Our RE learning began this half-term but taking part in the Whole School RE Project. We looked at and handled a 'Holding Cross' and then we made our own crosses from different materials. These are now on display in our School Hall. Also, we painted and decorated crosses for the School Cross Competition.

At the beginning of our RE learning, we gather around our class Prayer Table and we say a prayer together. We join in with making the sign of the cross. We have talked about our own families during Circle Time and we have looked at photographs of ourselves when we were babies. We have learned that we are all different and all special. We have learned that we are all part of God's Family. Here are some photographs of our learning. We had fun painting our faces and making handprints.

RE - Here is a photograph of the crib which has been on display on our Class Prayer Table during Advent.

Following on from our learning in RE about the Christmas Story, we have enjoyed dressing up and acting out the story during our Learning Through Play.

18TH DECEMBER 2020 - Here is a photo gallery showing lots of the Christmas activities which we have been doing in Snowflakes over the past few weeks as we have prepared for Christmas. Included are photographs from this week's Christmas Lunch with us all wearing our 'Elf' hats, the visit to our school from Santa; our class Christmas Party.

                 January 2021

RE    The Epiphany

This morning the children watched the Powerpoint which told them the story of the journey of The Three Kings as they followed the star to Bethlehem to find baby Jesus. Here is a link to the power point and an activity which they might like to do.

R.E. – Spring Term 2021

Getting to know Jesus


This term, we have been listening to stories about Jesus and learning about the things which Jesus did during his time on earth to teach and show people how God wishes them to live their lives.   We listened to the story of when Jesus gathered the children around him and he blessed them and to know that all children are very special. We have learned how Jesus healed a man who was ill.  In our RE lessons we have talked about people who are able to help us when we are unwell and what we ourselves can do to help people to feel better when they are not well.  Here are some photographs from our RE learning this half-term.

RE at Forest School – Tuesday 23rd March 2021

This morning, we gathered in our Prayer Garden to say our Morning Prayer and we took a few minutes to think about today being the National Day of Reflection.  During our Forest School, we looked at pictures from the Easter Story - we are learning about the meaning of Easter and why we celebrate this festival.  We talked about the celebration of Easter Sunday.

Here we are in our Log Circle.  We have been able to find two sticks each which we have put together to make our own Easter crosses. 

Here are some photographs from our busy last week of term as we have prepared for Easter. Our activities have involved us doing painting, drawing, cooking (chocolate nests), cutting out, listening to the Easter Story and retelling the story. Yesterday, we visited the Stations of the Cross and looked at the fantastic pieces which the older children had created for this and we discussed the meaning of these. We had an Easter themed snack time yesterday and tried 'Hot Cross Buns' and we had an Easter themed PE lesson in the afternoon and enjoyed Egg and Spoon races. This morning, we did an Easter Egg hunt.

27TH APRIL 2021 - This morning in Forest School, we each had a card with a sticky strip. We had to find different things to stick on to our piece of card. We found sticks, leaves, feathers, bark, cones and stones. We helped each other to find things to collect on our cards. When we got back to the Log Circle we showed each other what we had found.

13th April - Exploring Forest School this morning. We worked in pairs to find an object each to bring back to our Log Circle. We took turns to show and say what we had found.