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St Philip Howard

Catholic Primary School


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Star of the week

1st July 2022

Grace - for her lovely ideas during class discussions and trying her best every day. 


1st July 2022

Robko - for super effort during Sports Day.


24th June 2022

Edward - for his fantastic thinking this week and his enthusiasm for maths. 


17th June 2022

Mark - for a fantastic first week in 1H


17th June 2022

Agozie - for being a super friend and welcoming a new friend into 1H


10th June 2022

Zyana - for her growing confidence and enthusiasm in all she does.


20th May 2022

Micah - for his super effort in his English this week and his fabulous Percy story.


13th May 2022

Enoch - for his beautiful manners and always trying his best.


6th May 2022

Charis - for her great writing and positive attitude to her learning. 


29th April 2022

Tanya - for writing her lovely ideas down and starting to use finger spaces. 


25th March 2022

Daniel - for doing his best work, not his fastest work, in his poetry this week. 


18th March 2022

Thenuki - for always thinking of others and her thoughtful prayer for the Ukraine. 


11th March 2022

Daniela - for the smile and enthusiasm she brings to class each day.


4th March 2022

Angel - for being so positive in her writing and getting all her ideas down. 


25th February 2022

Amaya - for her lovely descriptive writing and remembering to use her capital letters and end marks. 


3rd February 2022

Amittah - for having a go, even when she's finding things hard ... and never giving up! 


28th January 2022

Reuben - for lovely listening and trying his best in his writing 


21st January 2022

Zane - for super effort in all his work and pushing himself to do more!


14th January 2022

Zoe - for starting her new year so positively with a big smile.


17th December 2021

Shreen - for her lovely singing in the Carol Service. 


9th December 2021 

Jude - for representing 1H when talking to the school visitors and all his English work. 


3rd December 2021

Sinachi - for being a fabulous friend to all in 1H.


26th November 2021

Konan - for his lovely smile and positive attitude towards his learning. 


19th November 2021

John - for really thoughtful ideas about what peace meant to him. 


12th November 2021

The whole school for being brilliant!


5th November 2021

Rachel - for her thoughtful ideas about looking after God's creations.


22nd October 2021

Diyenka - for being just fabulous!


15th October 2021

Zion - for trying her best each day, especially in her writing sentences about Puffin Peter. 


8th October 2021

Ariella - for great thinking in English and remembering to use her finger spaces. 


1st October 2021

Kevin - for coming in with a smile and a new maths fact every day this week.


24th September 2021

Mathhew - for his enthusiam and positive attitude 


17th September 2021

Scarlett - for being a wonderful helper in class and an excellent friend during play. 

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"We are part of God's family. We follow the way of Jesus by loving, learning and doing our best."


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