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W/C 11th May 2020

Dear Parents

It was so lovely to be able to contact you all last week by telephone to find out how you are getting on at home and it meant so much to us that we were able to talk to so many of the children. Indeed it made us realise even more how much we miss them.

So many of the children sounded very happy to speak to us and to share that they had been colouring, painting, watering the plants, helping to cook, looking after and playing with baby brothers and sisters as well as enjoying the activities we have been putting on here for them.

As parents you are all doing a marvellous job and you should feel proud that your children were happy to share what they have been doing. It is a difficult and strange time for us all but together we can make sure that our children remain positive and happy.

Could we also keep in our thoughts and prayers those who are unwell at this time within our Nursery community.


God Bless


Mrs Badger and Mrs Claridge

Dear Parents

Another lovely book for you to share with your children written by Eric Carle. There are lots of activities to do together, a little bit each day.

The children may well remember when they actually got to see a real Chameleon close up when we had the Animal Encounters at school. Quite a few of the Nursery children were also very happy to hold the chameleon and watch how it used it's front hands to grip around their arms as he walked.

I have also added two extra activities which will take the children outside. One is making a bird feeder either for your garden or balcony or even outside the front of where you live. The other is an article about how to spot things in nature, especially birds when you are out and about. 


Again both Mrs Claridge and I would love to see any photos of the things you have been doing whilst at home so please do use our email addresses to contact us.

Mrs Badger






           The Mixed Up Chameleon

Written by Eric Carle


Read or watch The Mixed Up Chameleon by Eric Carle

Trace over your name in different colours to make a rainbow name.

Trace over or copy the names of colours in the correct colour ( use the sheet provided)


Play the ‘Feed me Flies’ game. Roll a dice then use a clothes peg to pick up the correct number of coloured pom poms ( or anything you have to hand to use as flies) to feed to the chameleon.

Sort out buttons, counters, beads etc by colour. Can you count how many there are and which group has the most?


Look at the RE powerpoint together and talk about Jesus’s friends being sad when he had died and happy when they could see him again and remember what he looked like.


Can you make your own strange animal? We would love to see your pictures. Please email them to us so that we can put some up on the class pages. How mixed up will it be? Can you give your mixed up animal a name?



Watch on You Tube a chameleon changing colour.

Can you find any other animals which change their colour?

Use the cutting and sticking sheet to make your own Mixed Up Chameleon. Make sure you cut very carefully


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