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W/C 13th July 2020

Final Week of term - The Very Greedy Bee

Well done – you have made it to the end of the summer term. I hope that you have enjoyed the Home Learning. After this week you get a break from the teaching and learning (not a break from the children though!).

Our story for this week is The Very Greedy Bee.

Speaking and Listening

It is the story of a very Greedy Bee. Can you think of any other characters in our recent stories who have been greedy? Do you think the bee learnt his lesson? Will he be as greedy next time? Who helped the bee? Can you remember how they helped him?

Can you find any poems about bees? Perhaps you could learn one.



The story is about a very greedy bee but there were some ants and fireflies who were very kind and helpful. Can you write a sentence or two to show how the ant and the fireflies helped the greedy bee?

What might have happened if the ants and fireflies did not help him? Can you write a different ending for the story?

Perhaps you could do some research and find out about bees. You could write some bee facts.



Understanding of the world

Bees make hunny, hunny is yummy!

We are going to make some bread this week and eat it with honey on. You may want to do the same or you could look for some recipes that have honey in them and bake something else.


Art and Design

Make some bees using kitchen paper tubes. Paint them or cover them with black and yellow stripes. Use egg boxes to make the honeycomb.





Our math is based on the story Oliver's Vegetables. The children should know this story as we did some work on it earlier in the year. There are lots of ideas here so choose the ones that suit you and your child. Don't feel you need to do it all.

Religious Education

Can you guess what my favourite day is?
It’s the day when we wake up later
It’s the day for our special clothes.
It’s the day for our best behaviour.
It’s the day when we spend time with people we love.
It’s a very special day – who can guess which day it is?
Sunday is a very special day for everyone who is part of God’s family. It’s
the day when we go to church and spend time with Jesus.
This week we are thinking about why Sunday is a special day for us.


Now you can read a story  about Josie and her family.

Josie and her brothers were getting ready to go to church with their
“Put on a clean dress, Josie!” called Mum.
“OK,” said Josie.
“Clean your shoes, Sam,” said Mum.
Sam grumbled, but he cleaned his shoes.
“Comb your hair, Lewis,” Mum called from the bedroom where she was
getting ready.
“Done it already,” said Lewis, but he combed his hair a bit more anyway.
“Brush your teeth, everyone,” shouted Mum and everyone did.
At last everyone was ready to go.
“Why do we get ready and go to Church on Sundays?” asked Josie when
they were all in the car at last. “What’s special about Sundays?”
“Yes, and why don’t we go to school on Sundays?” asked Lewis.
“I know,” said Sam. He was the oldest and he had been thinking about
Sundays. “Is it because Sunday is the day when Jesus came alive again?”
“Well done Sam,” said Mum. “That’s why Sunday is special. It’s the day
when all God’s family remember that wonderful day when Jesus rose from
the dead. It’s the first day of the week. It’s our very special day.”


Talk about what you do in your house on a Sunday. What makes it different to the other days of the week?

Think about other ways that you could make Sundays special. Hopefully you might be able to get back to church soon but if not you could spend some time listening to music, reading your bible or talking to Jesus.

Can you write a couple of sentences about Sunday being special or an acrostic poem - put the letters to make up Sunday down the side of your paper and work together to use each letter to start a sentence about the things you do / how special Sunday is.

Phonics Activities

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