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W/C 15th June 2020

Dear Year 2,


We hope you are all well and you are enjoying the home learning. This week in our prayer we pray for ‘Peace’ in our world.


Let’s start this week with a prayer:


Dear God,

Peace before us,

Peace Behind us,

Peace under our feet,

Peace within us,

Peace over us.

Let all around us be peace.



Have a fantastic week! Remember to keep sending us photos of your work.

From Miss Conway & Mrs Browne



Jesus helps the Apostles

Read p90 – p92 and discuss the following questions.


Pause to talk:


Think about the man who could not walk.

  • What did the man do every day?
  • How do you think he felt?
  • What do you think was very hard for him?
  • What did Peter and John do for him?
  • Who do you think really cured him? Why?
  • What do you think the people who witnessed the miracle said to each other?


Task 1:

Peter and John could not give money.

Draw a large coin.

  1. Inside the coin write or draw what Peter and John did.
  2. Explain how it was better than money.


Task 2:

Imagine what the man could not walk did the next day.

How do you think life changed?

Write about it or act it out.


Task 3 -

Feast of Corpus Christi


Sunday was the feast of Corpus Christi. Corpus Christi, meaning ‘the body of Christ’ in Latin celebrates the changing of the bread and wine into the actual body of Christ during mass. 

Have a look at the images below.  
Find out what a Monstrance is. 

Create your own image of a Monstrance or a chalice with the body of Christ.


We would love to see some photos of your work. 



RE pages 90-92

Feast of Corpus Christi

White Rose Maths


This week you will be completing Summer Term Week 7. Make sure you watch the short video clips as these will help you complete the activities. 


Day 1 - Unit Fractions

Day 2 - Non-unit fractions

Day 3 - Finding a half

Day 4- Finding a quarter

Day 5 - Friday Maths Challenge


This week in history we will be learning about the improvements that Florence Nightingale made to the hospitals. Read through the power point and discuss what Florence Nightingale had to do to make the hospitals better. Complete the activity by matching the problem to the solution. Write sentences about what Florence Nightingale did to make hospitals better. 


This week we will be carrying out a science experiment. Don't forget to send us any pictures of your fun experiments. We look forward to seeing them. Have fun!



This week in our art lesson we will be using chalk to recreate an image of Florence Darling.

Have a look at the examples.

Chalk drawings of Florence Nightingale

Additional learning


This week in school we have been enjoying reading the book Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl. We had lots of fun discussing the characters. We would love to hear about books that you are enjoying reading with your family. 


Remember what Dr. Seuss  says

School Updates

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Whole School:

"We are part of God's family. We follow the way of Jesus by loving, learning and doing our best."


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