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W/C 15th June 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,


Firstly, we would like to say that we hope that you and your families are continuing to stay safe and well.  There has certainly been a change in the weather over the past week with some heavy rain showers, with some hail, thunder and lightning mixed in!  The rain is definitely much needed for the gardens which have become so very dry after all of the warm weather which we have experienced over the past couple of months.  Hopefully, the weather has generated some interesting conversations for your child to have with you and for them to make some observations on water which all links up with this half term's topic.  Maybe, your child has been able to put on their wellies and rain jacket and have a play outside in the rain.  Maybe they have gone out for a walk in the rain with their umbrella or had a splash around in the puddles or have been outside with a tray of water and containers for filling with water and pouring out.  We would love to see your photographs of your child having fun in the rain or playing with water. Please do send them in to us. 


This week's story to share with your child is 'The Rainbow Fish' so the activities which the children are working in school this week link to this story and to this term's topic 'Water'.  


Monday - Literacy

Share the book 'The Rainbow Fish' with your child or you can listen to the story by clicking on the following link:

Colour in The Rainbow Fish and then cut out a shiny foil scale to stick on to your Rainbow Fish.  Remember to write your name on to your picture. 


Tuesday - Number

Counting activity on topmarks:

Stick coloured sticky dots on to each scale of the Rainbow Fish.  Count how many spots there are altogether.  Write the total. 


Wednesday - RE/PSE

Re-read the story of The Rainbow Fish.  Talk about how the Rainbow Fish changed to be a better friend.  Discuss why sharing is a good thing to do and that God wants us to be kind to our friends and, by sharing, we are being kind.

Complete the - I can share sheet.  Colour in the fish and say what you can share. 


Thursday - UW/EAD

This is a lovely activity which the children always enjoy getting involved in - making a paper plate aquarium (see below for a photo). Here are some instructions for making your aquarium:

Paint the front of one plate blue with glue. Stick on fish, beads and green crepe paper seaweed.

Paint the back of another plate blue. Adult to cut porthole when dry and stick onto first plate.


Friday - EAD

As it will be Father's Day on Sunday 21st June, the children in school will be making individual cards to mark this.  Perhaps your child would like to design their own Father's Day card or there is a photo below of what we shall be making in school - spotty ties!


Below are all of the documents which you need for this week's learning.


In addition, we have some suggested recipes from Herts for Learning if your child would like to do some cooking at home.  Cooking provides the opportunity for practical experience to develop many essential life skills. Such as following instructions, measuring, learning new words in a meaningful context and observing change. It helps children to develop fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination. As you are cooking with your child, talk to them throughout the process. Talk about what you’re doing, a running commentary is good. Give your child a job to do and chat to them whilst they’re doing it.  When you are talking about deciding what to cook, talk about what you have done before and what it involved. Model using questions by thinking aloud, for example ‘I wonder why that has happened?’ Or ‘I wonder who would like this the most in our family?’ By doing this, you will begin hear your child using the same language to ask and answer questions.


We thought that it would be a nice idea if we send out 'a recipe a week' for you to do with your child.  Perhaps if you try out the recipes you could give us some feedback as to how they worked out and some photos of your 'bakes'.


We hope that you all have a good week and that you enjoy this week's Home Learning activities.


Our best wishes to you all.


Mrs. Claridge and Mrs. Badger





Paper Plate Aquarium and Father's Day Card

Recipe Card Number 1 - Cheesy Pastry Shapes

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