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W/C 18th May 2020

Hello, home-schoolers! 


We hope that you are all well at home and that you've been working hard for yourselves and for your parents. We also hope that you have had time to relax and participate in fun activities.


As usual, we have the maths, English and reading in place for you. We also have an art project that you can involve the whole family with and all you need is a smart phone, props from around the house and a great imagination!


Let us know how your recycled vegetables have come on! Miss Hughes is growing onions on her kitchen window-ledge and they are growing nicely. She also started growing potato skin which had eyes and they have started to sprout!


We have loved seeing the bird feeders and I know that the wildlife will be very grateful for them. Take photos of the birds/squirrels/other wildlife which visit and feed from your feeder and upload to the blog.


Two weeks ago, we asked you to post on the blog as part of your home learning and thank you to all those children who did as they were asked. It is unfortunate that a fair number of you have still yet to blog. It shows us who is actually reading the Home Learning page as it wasn't an optional activity! Please  make sure you have blogged this week and that is a requirement for ALL of year 5. We look forward to reading about what you have been up to.


*It has to be more than a few sentences as well!*


At the bottom of this page, we have posted some examples of work that we couldn't upload onto the blog page. If you have created a PPT or word document then maybe we can post it on here. laugh




Slightly different format this week: you don't need to visit the White Rose Maths website now - we have a PDF that has all the links for the videos provided below.


Monday: Multiply by 2 digits

Tuesday: Multiply 4 digits by 2 digits

Wednesday: Divide with remainders

Thursday: Calculating perimeter

Friday: It's the Friday Maths Challenge!


Remember, no peeking at the answers and ask a parent or older sibling to go through the answers with you once you are done.


There is also a document that combines cookery and maths! This week's recipe for KS2 is clue-dough carrot cake (yum!) or bagel burgers, so if you do have a go at it, send us a photo! 




We have Weeks 5 - 8 booklet uploaded and you have a poem to read and answer questions on, as well as the usual spelling and grammar. There is also a spelling task to look at and learn on Spellzone as well.




We have uploaded a Pobble 365 task to help with reading and writing - this one is called, 'The Invisible Man'. See the link below.

We would like you to continue to use Active Learn Bug Club. We do check these activity and if you haven't been on for a while and haven't told us that you are reading something else then we will be in touch. Do not skip the bug head questions on the pages either! :)




On May 21st, it is the feast of the Ascension of Our Lord. Look at the PPT below and discuss/answer the questions on the slides. Then, write as if you were one of the disciples whom Jesus visited for the last time (slide 5, green box) and describe how you felt when you heard Him say these words to you. How did you feel when you realised it was Jesus who had risen? Why did he not look like Jesus before he was crucified? How did you and the others feel when He ascended into heaven?  You may want to read the bible passage Luke 24: 13-50


Art & Design:


We would like you to recreate a famous piece of artwork, using objects found around the house or garden. You can use other members of your family and even pets if it is not going to make them feel distressed!


Have a look at the examples below for some ideas. You can choose one of these or find another famous piece and recreate that instead:



























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