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W/C 18th May 2020

The Gingerbread Man

Our Traditional Tale for the second week is The Gingerbread Man.

If you have the story book at home read that.

You can watch a simple version of the story here-

Below is a list of possible activities. You may have your own ideas and please don’t feel that you need to do it all. It may help if you are struggling for things to do.


Please, please please try and read some Phonics Bug books - We can see who has been reading them, some of you have been working very hard!

Literacy Activities

Look at the Gingerbread Man PowerPoint.  Just look at the pictures. Can your child tell the story? How much detail can they include? Can you write about the story? They may be able to write a few words, some simple sentences or the whole story. Draw a picture to go with it. If they are not keen to do the writing perhaps they could draw a picture and add labels.

Create a wanted poster of The Gingerbread Man. Include a picture and some words or sentences to describe him.

If you have made some gingerbread men can you write a recipe? Include the ingredients and some simple steps of how to make them.


The maths focus for this week is all about halving. First watch this story  to introduce halving. Go through the PowerPoint working out half of the numbers up to 10. You can also use counters or something similar to help solve halving amounts up to 10. There are a choice of halving worksheets, you do not need to do all of them, choose the one that interests your child the most.

Creative Activities continued from last week

Bake your own gingerbread men and woman and decorate them.

Make your own gingerbread man out of different materials you can find.

Have running races with your family in your garden or if you can go out for walks to see who would be the fastest gingerbread man.

Can you make up a song using the repeated refrain?

Religious Education

This week we are sharing the story of Jesus going back to his Father in heaven.

Read and share the story with your child. Alternatively there is a PowerPoint with the story to go through.  Where did Jesus go? How did it happen? Who saw him go to heaven? Why did he go to heaven? How do you think the disciples felt?


Make a goodbye card for Jesus.

Act out the story (you might need to ask some of your family to help you/ take part).

Create a picture showing Jesus going back to heaven.

If you have a paper plate you could make a Dove of Peace (see example).


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