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W/C 18th May 2020

Hello to all of our families in Nursery,


We hope that you are continuing to keep safe and well.  Thank you to those of you who have been able to send emails and photographs with updates of what your child has been doing at home.  From the photographs which have been sent in, there appears to be lots of very kind children who are helping their Mums and Dads with jobs around the home, learning new skills and taking responsibility for small tasks.   It seems like there are some budding chefs in Snowflakes, as there are photographs of some delicious bakes which you have been busy creating in your kitchens.  There are also some lovely photographs of some of the children playing with their siblings - opportunities for good sharing and turn taking with their toys and lots of opportunities for them to talk to each other about what they are doing whilst they play.  Continue to enjoy all the activities which you are sharing together with your child and just talk whilst you are doing them.  The more language that your child is immersed in, the stronger their communication skills will become.   


This week's Home Learning theme is 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?' and the activities for this week are based around this story book.


Monday - Literacy - Sharing a Story, talking about the story and a Pencil Control Activity

Read “Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?” Talk about the story.

Write over the names of animals from the story and colour the animals the correct colour.  Remember to also write your name on to your piece of work.


Tuesday - Numeracy

Re-read the story and count how many animals are in the story.

Cut the sheets into numbered strips. Put the numbered strips in to the correct order to create the picture.


Wednesday - RE

The children are learning to become familiar with the story of Jesus going back to his Father in Heaven.

Show the PowerPoint on The Ascension to Heaven.  Talk about what the word Ascension means and that this story is about when Jesus said goodbye to his friends to return to his Father in Heaven. Talk about what we would do when we leave someone (say goodbye, wave, wish someone well for their journey) and discuss how this makes us feel.  It gives someone a good feeling when they see their friend wave goodbye to them or if they tell them to have a safe journey to where they are going.


Colour in a picture of Jesus leaving his friends to go to Heaven and write down words about how you feel when you say goodbye to someone and what you do.


All of the children have a good understanding about bringing their hands together when we say our daily prayers in school.  Please encourage your child to continue to have some quiet reflection time each day, bringing their hands together and making the sign of the cross and saying a prayer.  During the month of May, your child might like to say the Hail Mary prayer with you each day.


Thursday - EAD

Collage animals from the story in the correct colours using scraps of paper and materials.

Cut out and assemble your own 'Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See?' book to read.


Friday - KUW/EAD

Read Polar Bear, Polar Bear What can You Hear?  This book should be familiar to all of the children as we did read this earlier this year when we were looking at animals which live in cold climates.  Talk about what we can hear around us.

Make a set of ‘listening ears’. Colour in the ears and attach them to a headband.  If you have a garden or an open space to walk around, take yourself on an outdoor 'sound walk' wearing your listening ears.  Maybe you can take your Teddy Bear on your walk with you.  Stand still and listen carefully to the different sounds which you can hear. Can you identify all of the sounds which you can hear?  At the end of your walk, you can make a list of the different sounds and count how many you heard altogether.  


For some additional activities, here is a link to 'Wild Days'.  They provide structured activities and videos that children aged from 4 upwards can learn from in their own green space, created by Earthwatch Europe.  This link gives 10 activity ideas, using a cardboard roll.  file://k9server/staffdoc$/vclaridge/Downloads/10%20Toilet%20Roll%20Tube%20Activities.pdf


Mental Health Awareness Week (18th May to 24th May 2020) - Talk to your child about this being Mental Heath Awareness Week and explain to them what this means.  Talk to your child about the importance of being aware of how they are feeling and that it is positive to be able talk about these feelings.  Explain how lifestyles can affect how we are feeling and the importance of a balanced diet, exercise, sleep, social interaction and positive life experiences. This is the link to Cosmic Kids; for yoga, mindfulness and relaxation through fun, colourful videos.


We hope that you enjoy this week's activities and please do take photographs and send them in to us by email.

In addition, please continue to sing the phonic rhymes with your child.  All of the rhymes which they have learnt are in their Blue Song and Rhyme Book.  Encourage your child to have some quiet time, looking at a book by themselves or sharing a book with you and talking about what is happening in the stories.  Also, sing and share Nursery Rhymes together every day. 


Our best wishes to you all.


Mrs. Claridge and Mrs. Badger









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