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W/C 1st June 2020

Good Morning Year 2,


Welcome back to the last term of the school year! We hope you had a fantastic half term and enjoyed the wonderful weather. Now that you are refreshed let's get ready to start your home learning again. The home learning will be the same learning that will take place in school. 


Let us start the final term with a prayer: 


Heavenly Father, 

Thank you for giving me
a mind that can learn
and a heart that can love.


Father, help me to keep learning every day of my life,
no matter what the subject may be.
Let me be certain that all knowledge leads to you.
Also, let me know how to find you and love you
in all the things you have created.


Lord, encourage me when the learning is hard
and when I am tempted to give up.
Guide me when my brain is slow
and help me to grasp the truth held out to me.




Keep sending us some photos of your work.


Have a lovely week Miss Conway & Mrs Browne




When school ended on the 20th March we have been in Lockdown. This has been a very unusual time for all of us. Some children have enjoyed being at home while others might have found it more difficult. This week we are going to have a look at a book called 'The making of Milton'. It is a story about a little boy who feels very anxious. Some of you might have been feeling a little anxious and we hope this boy helps you to rediscover your courage.

RE - The First Christians


Read p84, p85 and p86 with an adult.

Discuss with an adult the questions in the 'pause to talk' section.



Your task now is a very BIG ONE. You have to be like an apostle and tell others about Jesus.

You are going to create a book about Jesus.

The book will have 5 sections.

You do not have to write about each section maybe you could draw a picture for each section of your book. Remember to give your book a front cover and a title. (eg The Life of Jesus, A book about Jesus...)



Here are some questions to help you with each section.

You could also use a bible to give you more detail.


Part 1 - Jesus' Birth


  • Where was Jesus born?
  • Who was the first to hear about it?
  • Who told them?
  • Who came with gifts for Jesus?
  • How did they manage to find him?


Part 2 - Jesus as a boy


  • What do you know about Jesus as a boy?
  • What did he do when Mary and Joseph took him to the Temple?
  • How did Mary and Joseph feel? Why?


Part 3 - Jesus chooses Disciples (Simon Peter and Andrew)


  • Why did Jesus need helpers?
  • What happened when Jesus met Simon Peter and Andrew?
  • Why did Simon Peter and Andrew not want to go back out in their boat?
  • What happened when Simon Peter and Andrew did what Jesus said?
  • Why were they ready to leave their fishing boats?


Part 4  - The Last Supper


  • Some leaders did not like Jesus, so what did they do?
  • What did Jesus do the night before he died?
  • What prayer did Jesus teach the disciples.


Part 5 - Jesus is Alive!


  • Describe what happened three days after Jesus died on the cross.
  • What promise did Jesus make before he went back to Heaven.

RE - pages 84-86

Literacy - Writing, Grammar, Spellings and Handwriting



You have been set a Mymaths activity. 

Remember to try your best.


White Rose Maths


This week you will be completing Summer Term Week 5. Make sure you watch the short video clips as these will help you complete the activities. 


Day 1 - Multiplication sentences using the x symbol

Day 2 - Use arrays

Day 3 - The 2 times-table

Day 4- The 5 times-table

Day 5 - Friday Maths Challenge



Life Cycles


Read through the PowerPoint presentation and see if you explain to an adult the life cycle of a plant and suggest a way we can tell that plants are living things.




Cut and stick the Life Cycle of a Sunflower plant in the correct order.

You could grow your own sunflower at home.



Art - Vincent van Gogh


Read the presentation to find out some facts about Vincent van Gogh.

This week we will have a look at his painting 'Sunflowers'. 

Create your own version of 'Sunflowers'. You could use paints, makers, crayons or even chalk. It would be nice to see you completed piece of art. Remember to send us a photo.


Examples of Sunflowers

Dans mon Château

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