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W/C 1st June 2020

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

For the next two weeks we will focus our learning on The Three Billy Goats Gruff. This will be the final of our traditional tales.

There is a lovely radio programme, which tells the story and adds some songs and games.

As this is a radio show it is all about listening rather than watching. The children may find this difficult without pictures but it is very good for them and is something they should be able to do at this stage. There are song words and many other ideas on the page.

Speaking and Listening Activities.

The troll was very unkind to the Three Billy Goats Gruff. Talk to a grown up about the unkind things that he did and said. Try to think of some things that he could do instead to be friendly to the Three Billy Goats Gruff. If you were the Troll's Mummy what would you want to say to him about his behaviour?


Can you write some rules for the Troll to help him be kinder?

Can you draw a picture of the water, the bridge, the fields and all the characters and label it up? You could add some speech bubbles too.

You can use this writing frame to have a go at sequencing the story.


Art and Design

Design your own troll. Think about his size and shape. Is he tall or short, thin or round? Does he have hands, claws or paws? Big feet? What colour is he? Does he look scary or friendly? What will you call him?

Can you build a bridge? You could use lego, building bricks, sticks and stones out in the garden or paper / cardboard. Perhaps you could find a few different ways to do it. Which one is the strongest?


This week we are thinking about weight and capacity. These are very practical subjects so I have found some challenges for you. See how you get on.

Religious Education

This week we are thinking about Jesus ascension. You can read the story on the attached document.

Talk with your child about Heaven. What are their ideas of Heaven – how do they compare with yours?

It was sad for Jesus family and friends to say goodbye to Jesus. Do you think Jesus would have been sad to say goodbye? Do you think he would be happy to be in Heaven?

You could make a special goodbye card for Jesus or you could colour / paint the picture attached.


Week 1 - We have introduced many new tricky words over the last few weeks. Use this week to recap, to practise reading and writing the words. Try writing sentences using as many of the words as you can. I have produced an up to date list of sounds and tricky words that we have covered for you to work with.


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