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w/c 1st June 2020

This week’s key learning:

Maths I can measure and compare mass and capacity.

English I have carefully read the story and practised the new words. I have written sentences about Tom’s adventure. I have used capital letters and full stops correctly in my sentences. I have practised the spellings and handwriting activities.

Phonics - I know all the long or alternative family sounds.  (aw, au, al)

Reading books – I can find and read or words. I can read sentences. I can answer questions about what I have read.  This week’s books are: Boring, Boring! Creepy-crawly Hunt.

Religious Education Jesus returns to Heaven. I know that Jesus returned to heaven for forty days. I can reflect on the promises he made to us.

White Rose Maths

This week you will be completing Summer Term Week 6 (1st June). Make sure you watch the short clips first. This will help you complete the activities.

Monday - Lesson 1 - Measure mass

Tuesday - Lesson 2 - Compare mass

Wednesday - Lesson 3 - Introduce capacity and volume

Thursday - Lesson 4 - Measure capacity

Friday – Challenge

English - reading and writing


This week (and for the next few) we will be working from the book The Great Explorer. 


Monday - learning key words for the story, before reading tasks, enjoy the story and after reading discussions.

Tuesday - sentence writing 

Wednesday - grammar 

Thursday - handwriting (using the week's spelling words) 

Friday - spelling test and creative writing 



Spelling – Practice two spellings a day. Then on Friday have a spelling test.

Phonics -This weeks sounds are the 'or' alternative family sounds.

We have linked this weeks Bug Club books to the 'or' sound.

Please read:

Boring, Boring!

Creepy-crawly Hunt.

On your child's active learn account there are games linked to this weeks sounds, play the games each day to help practice recognising and using the sounds then complete the worksheets below. 

Fiction (story book)

What happened in the story? 

Was it what you thought was going to happen? 

What was your favourite part of the story and why? 


Non-fiction (information book)

What is the information book about?

What page would I turn to learn about … (pick something from contents page)

What was your favourite part of the information book and why?

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Whole School:

"We are part of God's family. We follow the way of Jesus by loving, learning and doing our best."


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