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W/C - 20th April 2020

Hello Year 3!


We hope you had a lovely Easter with your families and that you didn't eat too much chocolate! 

If you completed the Easter Reading challenge we set you, please remember to email it to us. 


Thank you to those children who have emailed or blogged about what you have been up to so far!

If you haven't logged on to your blog yet, please do - we would love to hear from you!


Below you will find activities for the week. This half term, we are focusing on the topic 'Flow', which looks at rivers including: the water cycle, the formation of rivers, features of rivers and rivers of the world.


Also, please remember to log on to MyMaths, Spellzone, Active Learn (Bug Club) and Time Table Rockstars and complete any tasks that have been set for you. 


We hope that you and your families are keeping safe and well. We miss seeing your smiling faces every day - please do keep in touch!


Miss McKeon and Miss Thompson




Celebrating Easter and Pentecost

Alleluia, alleluia!

Jesus is risen and lives amongst us.

He has the message of eternal life.

Thanks be to God.

Alleluia, alleluia!




Imagine you have been asked to explain Easter to someone who has never heard of this feast. 

Write a letter using words and pictures. Include the following points:

  • what we celebrate at Easter;
  • why Easter is the most important feast in the Church year;
  • how Easter is celebrated in Church;
  • why the Paschal candle is lit. 


This week we are learning about fractions.  


Week 1

Day 1 - Unit and non-unit fractions

Day 2 - Making the whole

Day 3 - Tenths

Day 4 - Count in tenths

Day 5 - Tenths as decimals


White Rose home learning has videos to help you understand before you try the lessons each day. You can find them on the link below. 

There you will also find activities and answers for each lesson. Remember to watch the video clip before you try the activity. 





preposition is a word that shows the relationship of a noun or a pronoun to another word in a sentence.

For example:

The squirrel is in the tree.

The dog ran after the ball.

The bird took food from the table. 



Please remember to log on to Active Learn. We have noticed that quite a few of you have not logged in for quite some time!


St George's Day Reading Comprehension:


The Water Cycle


WALT: Understand and explain the water cycle. 


Using the links below, study the water cycle to identify the main stages. 

Can you now:

  • Label a diagram of the water cycle? (See link below)
  • Create the water cycle in a bag? (See link below)
  • Create your own 3D model of the water cycle?

Complete the activities above and send in a picture of what you have done to your teacher. 

Good luck!


WALT: Identify the different layers of a soil profile.


Wherever you stand on the Earth - even if you are on a ship in the middle of the sea - there is rock somewhere beneath you. You are on solid ground. 

You might be thinking, wait a minute... the school field isn't a rock, nor is the park or the garden. That's because the rock is covered with a layer of earth or soil. If you dig down through this soil, you will find rock under it - everywhere. 


See the PowerPoint below for more information and your task. 


The Body Coach, Joe Wicks will be doing live workouts for children on his YouTube Channel every morning from 9am. They last 30 minutes and are a great way to start off the day! He even has a 'Dress Up Friday' workout!



Don’t forget to do the Daily Mile! Why not get the whole family involved?

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