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W/C - 20th April 2020

Dear Year 4

We really hope you all had a good Easter and maybe a break from school work.


New tasks will be put up on Spellzone and Mymaths, so please make sure you do them. If you have any tasks you haven't done, you can still have a go, even if the date has passed.

We have noticed that quite a few people have not been using Bugclub, please log on and read some of the books and answer the quizzes to help improve your comprehension. It is important that you finish the book and do the quiz, or Bugclub will not let you move onto the next colour band.  Don't forget there is work on Bugclub, Spellzone and Mymaths....We know that you are probably doing other work at home but we would like to see that you have all logged on to these during this week please. Any problems with log in details just email us:


Stay safe and well

Mrs Kress & Ms Greener



Religious Education


After his resurrection, Jesus appeared several times to his disciples. Read the page below and answer the questions in the activity box.  Then create a boat like the one in the photograph. You could write some of the key words or phrases from the bible passage on the fish. Send us a photo. 



This week we are learning about tenths and hundreths.  White Rose home learning has videos to help you understand before you try the lessons each day. You can find them at :

Click on Year 4


Week 1

Day 1 - recognise hundreths and tenths

Day 2 - tenths as decimals

Day 3 - tenths on a place value grid

Day 4 - tenths on a numbeline

Day 5  - dividing one digit by 10


The activities and answers for each lesson are below. Remember to watch the video clip before you try the activity. 



Look at the resource below, it is several weeks worth of work, so remember you are only doing week 1 this week!

It is based around a book 'The Bolds Go Wild', you can find chapter one on page 16 of the booklet. It is a good idea to read page 1 and 2 of the booklet before you start, so you know a bit more about what you will need to do. 


This week you will :

read the first chapter

write a diary entry

answer some grammar questions

practise some spelling words



English resources

Science and Art


Have fun with some chocolate while you learn about reversible and non reversible changes. Can you remember the three states of matter? Some materials can change from one to state to another and back again.  We would love you to send us some pictures of your ideas. 


Science / Art chocolate resource



Do some research, to find out how chocolate is made and where cocoa beans come from and maybe a little about Fairtrade. You decide how to present your findings


Here are some ideas but you don't need to do them all!


You could:

  • colour a world map, to show where cocoa beans come from
  • create a poster to show each step of the chocolate making process
  • make a powerpoint 
  • make a miniature book about how chocolate is made



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