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W/C - 20th April 2020

Dear Year 6,


We hope you all had a lovely break over the Easter holidays and were able to enjoy the sunshine with your families. Thank you to those of you who have been sending us photos of your work and blogging to let us know what you are up to - we really miss you all. 


Just because you aren't in school, doesn't stop you learning. We check weekly to see who has been active on the different online learning platforms (MyMaths, Spellzone, BugClub and TTRS) and to see how you have been getting on. Last week, Mrs Waugh phoned the children who hadn't been active online and it's good to see you responding as a result! Over the next couple of weeks we hope to be phoning as many of you as we can, to have a chat and to catch up with you.


Stay safe and stay busy.


Mrs Day & Miss Goss




Maths - Ratio

This week you will be looking at the topic of ratio. We started learning about ratio in class so some of this will be revision and some will be extended learning. The work is split into 5 days:

Day 1 - Ratio language

Day 2 - Ratio and fractions

Day 3 - The ratio symbol

Day 4 - Calculating ratio

Day 5 - Using scale factors

Each day has a series of questions which lead you through the learning. Show your work in your pink home learning journals or in your yellow maths jotter books. There are answers, with explanations, for each day's work so you can mark your work when you have completed it.

Here is a link to the website to access the videos prior to each lesson:

Please send us some photos of your work, for us to post on the school blog :)




English  -

This week we would like you to do some grammar, sentence level work and creative writing around an image from a website called -

Each day there is a different image and a range of writing activities to go with it.

*a story starter - for you to use and then do some creative writing;

*questions about the image to get you thinking;

*sentence challenge;

*up-leveling some sentences.

We have chosen an image for Monday 20th April 2020. Write your work in your pink home learning journals or on paper.

Please send us some photos of your work, or it type it up, for us to post on the school blog! laugh


English Resources

Religion - The Angelus

The Angelus is a prayer that we say regularly at school but do you really understand what it is all about?

Why do we pray the Angelus?

We pray the Angelus to remember when the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary with a very important message from God; she had been chosen to be the mother of Jesus. Jesus is truly God and comes as a human person, a baby. Mary said to the angel that she would do whatever He asked of her.

What do the words of the Angelus mean?

The words we pray tell the story and we repeat Mary’s reply to the angel. It is like a conversation. The Hail Mary, reminds us again of Angel Gabriel’s visit and also of Elizabeth’s greeting when she welcomed Mary.


Your task this week is to write out the Angelus, in beautiful handwriting, and decorate the prayer with an image, or images, of Mary - think about the colours that you use. What colour especially reminds us of Mary? 


Please send us pictures of your prayers for us to share with the rest of the school on the school blog.



Guided Reading - Bug Club

Please log in to Bug Club and complete Red A (KS2) Test 1 which we have set for you all to do.

If you don't have a printer, write your answers in your pink home learning journals.



Please log in to Spellzone and complete the activity set: Unit 32 Word endings: -et, -ot, -ate, -ite.


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