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W/C - 20th April 2020

Summer Term

Our topic for this half term is Traditional Tales


Jack and the Beanstalk

Our Traditional Tale for this week is Jack and the Beanstalk.

If you have the story book at home read that.

You can watch a simple version of the story here-

Below is a list of possible activities. You may have your own ideas as well and please don’t feel that you need to do it all.

(Your child should ideally be doing at least one of each Literacy , Maths and Religious Education activity per week, and phonics and reading every day)


Literacy Activities.

Hot seat your child. Your child can choose one of the characters from the story that they would like to be. Ask them questions related to the story and your child needs to answer as if they are the character. Here are some example questions you could ask for each character.

Jack – Why did you sell you cow for magic beans? How did you feel when you were climbing up the beanstalk?

Mum- How did you feel when Jack sold the cow for magic beans? What did you say to Jack when he came down from the beanstalk?

Giant- Why did you love your golden harp so much? How did you feel when you woke up and your harp and hen where missing?

You could swap roles and see if your child could ask you some questions when you are role as a character.

Sequence the story- using the pictures provided put them into the correct order to tell the story. You can then use the pictures to help to retell the story.

Writing- Choose one of the pictures from the story (or as many as you would like).  Depending on your child’s ability encourage them to write words, captions or sentences to describe what is in the picture or what is happening in that part of the story.



The maths focus for this week is numbers to twenty, teen numbers.  Emphasise that a teen number is a ten and a number of ones. For example 15 is 1 ten and 5 ones. Twenty is two tens. Using duplo/ lego/ bricks create teen numbers (a row/ tower of ten and a row/ tower of ones). Counting. Number recognition- say a number for you child to either find or write. Order numbers 0- 20. Write the missing number activities (example attached.)  Say a number for your child to then count out the correct number of objects (this could be anything from toys to colour pencils to pasta shells).  If your child is very confident to 20 (not just counting but understands what all the numbers represent) feel free to extend to 30 or do some addition to 20, adding on from 10 is a good way to help the understanding of teen numbers.

Can you make a beanstalk out of toilet/ kitchen roll, and 20 leaves. Number the leaves 1-20 and place them onto the beanstalk in the correct order (even better if your leaves are able to be taken off and put back on again). Example attached.


Creative Activities

Make the beanstalk or castle using recycling or construction.
Draw or paint some pictures of the story.
Paint small stones/ pebbles to look like magic beans.
Do you have any beans/ seeds/ bulbs that you could plant? Discuss what plants need to grow and survive, and how to look after them.
Can you invent any other magical items that the giant might own?

Singing and dancing-


Religious Education

Recap the Easter Story with Jesus’ resurrection. What can your child remember from the story? Could they retell the story to you? The aim is to begin to understand that because Jesus rose from the dead we experience Easter joy. Decorate your own celebration Easter cross (template attached). Create an Angel, Mary or Peter character. In the Easter Story, there is good news of Jesus rising from the dead. Can you think of you own Easter good news? Perhaps something that you have done, or are thankful for?



Please see the weekly phonics plan attached.



Please read with your child ideally for 15 minutes per day. Please remember that as well as the books you have at home every child has a log on for Active Learn- Bug Club. These books are the same as the books that the children would normally take home from school. Remember we would change books three times per week normally, so if your child reads 3 Bug Club books a week that would be perfect. Well done to the children who are already doing this, I can see that some children have been reading even more than this as well which is super! Keep up the good work.


If you would like to take any photos of your child’s work (writing or creative) surrounding Jack and the Beanstalk, or any video clips of your child retelling part or all of the story, or acting as one of the characters, please email them to Miss Brassington ( ) with the subject ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.  I will try my best to compile a collaborative video to share with you all. (Sunshine and Rainbow).

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