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W/C - 20th April 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,


We do hope that you have all managed to have an enjoyable Easter and that you are continuing to keep safe and well.

We do hope that 'Home Learning' is working out ok for you all.  We understand that these times are particularly difficult with younger children and especially if you are also trying to do your own jobs/work from home.  The suggested activities below are all things which we would be covering within school and there is a range of different activities across the Early Years curriculum.   Please do not worry or stress to complete them all.  If your child is happy to work on all or just some of them, that would be great.  Remember to use your 'Home Learning' book to keep your completed pieces of work safely together and, also, please do send in photographs which we can add to the Class Pages. We miss seeing the children's wonderful smiles so at least we can see them in photographs if not in person for now.

Our topic for this half-term is entitled, 'How Many Colours in a Rainbow?'.  We particularly enjoy working with the children on this topic as it allows for lots of discussion about colour, working on lots of creative art pieces and exploring colour and how colours can be changed.   This topic particularly supports the children's development in the areas of Expressive Arts and Design and Understanding the World as activities can be linked to lots of lovely outdoor learning.  Clearly, rainbows are topical at this moment in time, as they are offering the sign of hope to us all and are a sign of support to the wonderful NHS staff. 


For this week's learning, the theme is 'Colour and Shape' and the daily activities link to this.


Monday - Pencil Control Activity

To colour in a rainbow.  Talk about the sequence of the colours. Write or copy the colour words.  Can you hear what sound the words begin with?  Remember to practise either writing, copying or tracing over your name on to your piece of work.

Tuesday - Shapes

Begin by naming some 2D shapes.  Go on a shape hunt either inside your home or outside to see if you can find some of these shapes in the environment.  Take photographs of what you have found or trace around the items which you have found and label them.  Choose one of the shapes, paint around the outline of the shape and try to talk about the properties of the shapes e.g. a circle has one side and no corners, a square has four equal sides and four corners. 

Wednesday - RE

Re-read the Easter Story, using a children's bible.  Recap the Easter Story with Jesus' resurrection.  What can your child remember from the story?  Can they retell the story to you?  The children are learning to understand that we experience joy at Easter because Jesus rose from the dead.  It brings us hope and joy.  Discuss what brings joy into our lives?   What can we be thankful for in our lives?  What is important to us?  Colour in the picture of the angel visiting Mary Magdalene to say that Jesus had risen from the dead.

Thursday - EAD

Rainbow walking activity (preferably an outdoor activity).  Look at the colours and what new colours can you see when the different colours mix together?  You can also learn the song 'I can sing a rainbow' and the poem 'What is Pink?'

Mrs. Cooper has also added links on the Home Page for other songs to sing.

Friday - Understanding the World

Use an egg box to make a coloured treasure box or a rainbow nature hunt sheet.  Go outside and see if you can find something for each colour of the rainbow?

Please see below for all supporting documents and pictures to support you with this week's activities.

Our best wishes to all of you.

Mrs. Claridge and Mrs. Badger







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