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W/C - 20th April 2020

This weeks key learning:

Maths - I know how to double, half, group and share amounts.

English - I can read and spell  once, there. I can write a sentence using these words. 

(Always remembering that every sentence starts with a capital letter and ends with a full stop.)

Phonics - I know all the ai alternate family sounds.  (a-e, eigh, ey, ei)

Religious Education - Easter, Know that we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus at Easter. Reflect on how we do this.

Maths - Please follow the link below to 'White Rose Maths home learning. 

This weeks lessons are 'Summer Term - Week 1'.

Watch the lessons, then complete the worksheet activity. (If you can not print out the worksheet, you can write your answers using your whiteboard.)


English  (once there)

  • Everyday, try and find this weeks words 'once' and 'there', in any text. (This could be in a story book, the newspaper, a cereal box) You do not need to read the whole sentence, just see if you can spot the word.
  • Everyday, practise spelling the words on your white board. Remember to; say the word, look at the word and read it, then have a go at writing it without looking at it. Check you have spelt it correctly. Repeat at least 5 times. (If you notice you are forming any of your letters incorrectly, please make sure and practice the correct formation.)
  • Everyday, write one sentence using the word once. Then write one sentence using the word there. Once you have written your sentence check it, does it start with a capital letter? Does it end with a full stop? Can you and someone else read every word? Are all letters correctly formed? Use a coloured pencil to correct your work.
  • By the end of the week you should have 5 sentences for each word and the aim is to improve on the previous days sentence.


Additional English activities for you

Phonics - This weeks sounds are the 'ai' alternate family sounds.

We have linked this weeks Bug Club books to the 'ai' sound.

Please read:

Dave's Big Day

I Will Amaze You!

The Runaway Train

and complete the activities. 

Below are some resources/activities to help the children identify and read words with 'ai' alternate family sounds.

Religious Education - The Resurrection (Easter)

Please read the story and answer the relating questions.

Some additional learning opportunities!

There are a few significant events happening this week, that could provide other learning opportunities.


It is the Queen's 94th Birthday on Tuesday. Perhaps you and your family might like to celebrate by making crowns, cards, decorations and perhaps even a cake.


It is Earth Day on Wednesday. Lets think about all the wonderful things on our Earth we are thankful for. Spend some time outside. Think of ways you can look after the Earth, do you recycle? Perhaps you could start today. You could clean up some litter, plant a tree, or simply enjoy companionship with nature! Walk through the woods in search of emerging wildflowers and green moss. (We would love to see pictures)


It is St George's Day on Thursday. He is the patron saint of England. What do you know about St George's day and how it is celebrated?


Below are some additional resources you may find helpful.

EARTH DAY EVERY DAY by Lisa Bullard and Xiao Xin-Earth Day Books for kids

This short, simple story about earth day, discusses how children can help the planet by planting trees, starting an environmental club at school, and learnin...

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