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W/C - 20th April 2020

Morning, Year 5!


Another sunny start to the week and we hope that you are all well.


Here is this week's list of work to be completed at home (or in school!) and if there are any problems, please contact your class teacher on the blog or via the email address:


Have a good week!


Mrs Ives & Miss Hughes




This term, we will be using White Rose maths work.

Here is the link to watch a video:


and we will be working on week 1 work, starting with decimals up to 2DP. There is an activity per day so you will find 5 different pieces of work - one per day.


Make sure you watch the little video before attempting the work! 


N.B. We aren't doing the Summer Term work as we will be recapping the two weeks previous when typical school stopped. Call it revision! laugh


The answers are there but we don't want you to be peeking until you have completed all the work and you have a parent/carer/older sibling with you, ready to go through the answers with you.


There will be a link to the worksheet below in case the website is down.




We would like you to complete the work for week 1 from the document below. Complete the work for this in your Home Learning book.


The 'Pog' story is near the end of the whole document so you will have to scroll down a few pages before you see it.


If you come into school, make sure you bring your work in to show the teacher in charge of yr5. This week, it is Mrs Ives.




We have set a new task for you on Spellzone. Please note that these tasks are not optional and Mrs Waugh checks who is logging on ALL of the online resources, inc. MyMaths, Bug Club, etc.




Find below a guided reading task. Complete the level that you would usually be given in class.

You must also go onto Bug Club and continue reading from there. If you have been reallocated certain books, it is because you had some low marks from certain types of questions. Please attempt again.




We would like you to read the PPT below about the Seder Plate and think about its symbolism. WE would like you to recreate the plate and how you do this is entirely up to you. Think creatively! You could paint it, draw it, make it out of other materials, etc. You also need to explain what each item is representing. 


Design Technology


There is the competition for you to enter on the main Home Learning page. 




'Recycled Food'


Little investigation for you to carry out.

When your parent is chopping up vegetables, ask them to save the root end/top for you. Onions will be bottom part, carrots will be the top, lettuce, the bottom, etc.


place items in a shallow dish of water. 


Will these vegetables renew and grow again?


Choose any three vegetables and make careful notes on each one every day for about 2 weeks. Take photos if you are able to.


Did some vegetables work better than others?

Where is the best place to put the shallow dish?

Were you able to eat any of the vegetables or did they need to be moved into soil eventually?

Which vegetable was the best one to recycle and why?


We will look forward to receiving your findings!






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