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WC 21st September

Hello, to everyone learning at home!

Please find below the activities and learning we will be doing in school this week and you will be completing at home.

We are working on using Google Classroom as our home learning platform, at this is where home learning will be accessed and completed in future.

This week’s key learning:


Maths I can count forwards and backward. I can find one more and one less.


English I have practised forming the letters t and u correctly. I can match naming words to the correct picture. I understand what rhyming words are and can hear them in poems. I can say/write a word that rhymes with a given word.


Phonics - I know the sounds y, z, zz, qu, ch. I can blend sounds together to read words. I can segment sounds to spell.


Religious Education Gods World – I know the Story of Creation.


This terms topic is, ‘The Weather’. We will be learning what weather is and writing a recount of what we wear during certain weather.

White Rose Maths

This week you will be completing Week 1. Watch the slides. They will help you complete the worksheet.

Monday's lesson – Count forwards

Tuesday's lesson – Count backwards.

Wednesday's lesson – Count one more

Thursday's lesson – Count one less

Friday's lesson - Counting

Throughout the week the children should be practising these skills through games and everyday practical experiences. If you notice your child struggles with a certain concept please continue to practise this beyond the lesson.


This week we are looking at rhyming words and finding rhyming words in weather poems.

Handwriting – practise forming t and u correctly.

Grammar – naming words

Reading – I can read a cvc word.

Writing – I can write y, z, zz, qu, ch words: 

         y - yet, yak, yell, canyon

         z - zap, zest, fez, zigzag

         zz - buzz, fizz, jazz, fuzz

         qu - quit, quick, squid, liquid 

         ch - much, chop, check, such


Other learning:

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Whole School:

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