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W/C 22nd June 2020



St Paul

WALT: Understand how St Paul had to learn to be a Christian and recognise what we can learn from his experience.


We are using White Rose Maths  - Summer Term Week 6 (Alternative).


All the resources you need are below.


Please take the time to watch the videos, they explain the learning very well and will help you to remember it. 




Look at the resource below.

Remember you are only doing week 4 this week!


This week we are focusing on the article 'School makes 868 sandwiches for charity; could be a world record’, which you can find on page 23 of the booklet.


This week you will :

  • answer questions using information from the text
  • write a record using facts from the text
  • answer some grammar questions
  • practise some spelling words and use some in your own sentence


In Guided Reading this week we will be looking at Chapter 4 of Escape from Black Mountain. This has been allocated to you on Bug Club. 


Please find daily worksheets below to go with the chapter.


WALT: Record our observations and present the results of our investigation using scientific language.

WALT: Investigate how water is transported in plants.


WALT- explore ways in which humans use plants.

This week we are looking at how else as humans we use plants. 


Activity 1

Use the 'Object cards' sheet or page 2 on the slides. Which of these objects come from plants? Give children a few minutes to sort them into the tables. 

Objects that come from plants Objects that don't come from plants






Activity 2

Create a poster or leaflet (templates are attached) on 'How humans use Plants'. You can use the slides and the mind map to help you. 


Activity 3

“Plants are amazing because…”
How would you finish this sentence?


You need to collect different leaves, bark, flowers and anything that has texture. 


You then need to make leaf rubbings. Place your leaf on a piece of paper then place another piece on top. Then use crayons, pencils or colouring pencils and rub over the top of the leaf. You should then be able to see the pattern and texture from the leaf. 


Once you have done this numerous times, you can cut them out and make it into a bigger picture or you can make it into a picture without cutting them out- it's your creative choice!

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