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W/C 22nd June 2020

Dear Year 6,

Well, this week marks another milestone in these strange times with most of you returning to school on Tuesday. How exciting! We can't wait to welcome you back.

We shall be teaching Maths, English, Religion and PSHE to the children returning in the afternoons, so the home learning for the next four weeks is really just for the children who are unable to return to school.

For those of you unable to attend, we will be calling you this week to have a chat and a catch up. We want to check that you are continuing your home learning and also to let you know what is happening regarding the Leavers' Book and the Leavers' Song - we don't want anyone to miss out.

If you have any questions, please email and we will gladly get back to you as soon as we can.

Take care,

Mrs Day & Miss Goss

Maths - Area, Perimeter & Volume

More revision this week, with a re-cap on area and perimeter but also some new learning: volume. 

Day 1 - Area & perimeter

Day 2 - Area of a triangle

Day 3 - Area of a parallelogram

Day 4 - Volume of a cuboid

Day 5 - Friday Family Maths Challenges

Each day has a series of questions which lead you through the learning. Show your work in your pink home learning journals or in your yellow maths jotter books. There are answers, with explanations, for each day's work so you can mark your work when you have completed it.

Here is a link to the website where you can access the videos prior to each lesson: (summer term week 9)

Friday's family maths challenges consist of 10 challenges:

* Challenges 1-6 age related for Year 6.

* Challenges 7-10 above age related for Year 6.

Good luck!


English - The House in the Forest

This week we would like you to do some grammar, sentence level work and creative writing around an image from a website called The House in the Rain Forest.

Each day there is a different image and a range of writing activities to go with it.

*a story starter - for you to use and then do some creative writing;

*questions about the image to get you thinking;

*sentence challenge;

*up-leveling some sentences.

We have chosen an image for Sunday 21st June 2020. Write your work in your pink home learning journals or on paper.

Religion- Called to Serve

Last week in school, we remotely attended a Mass at Westminster Cathedral. During the homily, Cardinal Vincent Nichols reminded us that Jesus taught us three important things: how to pray, that He is always with us and that He has a special purpose for each and every one of us.

We are all unique and we all have a unique purpose in life. Using the word UNIQUE create an acrostic poem explaining that we are all different, that we are all special and that Jesus has a special role for each of us to fulfill when we are ready to listen. Decorate your work, in a unique way, once your poem is finished.



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