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W/C - 23rd March 2020-


This week we will be looking at the Readings at Mass


This week we will be looking at Multiplication and Division Word Problems.


This week we would like you to research one of the following volcanoes:

Mount Vesuvius, Krakatoa, Mount St Helens, Mauna Loa or Eyjafjallajokull


Create a fact file on the volcano you have chosen.


In your fact file you should include a picture, heading and at least three of the following sub-headings:

- Status (eg - extinct, dormant or active, giving a definition of what that means)

- Location

- Eruptions

- Did you know?


Remember to add detail to your writing using:

adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions. 



WALT: Make comparisons of the same geographical feature in different countries.

Use a world map, globe or atlas to identify the location of volcanoes, including the remarkable 'Ring of Fire'. Make simple sketch maps to show volcano locations, indicating main towns, cities and continents, oceans and other significant geographical features. 

Famous volcanoes to locate might include: Mount Vesuvius, Krakatoa, Mount St Helens, Mauna Loa or Eyjafjallajokull.



WALT: Sort rocks by how they look. Observe and compare rocks. 

Rocks come in many different colours and shapes. Some are heavier than others and some feel different to others. For this lesson you will need: two different rocks and a magnifying glass (if possible). 


Look at your two rocks closely. How are they alike? How are they different? Write the differences on your Task Sheet. 


Now use the magnifying glass to look closely at the rocks. Are they made up of separate bits? Are they all one material?

Wet your rocks with a few drops of water. Look again through the magnifying glass. What can you see now?


Draw what you see on your Task Sheet. 

(The tiny pieces can be called particles.)


The Body Coach, Joe Wicks will be doing live workouts for children on his YouTube Channel every morning from 9am. They last 30 minutes and are a great way to start off the day! #PEwithJoe


Don’t forget to do the Daily Mile! Why not get the whole family involved?!

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