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W/C - 23rd March 2020

Week Beginning 23.3.20




Read p60  The Consecration - discuss the questions in Pause to talk.

Who can remember what a covenant is? We discussed this in class.

2hp if you have remembered



Read p61  The Consecration - discuss the question in Pause to talk.

How do we know Jesus becomes truly present at the Consecration?


Read and discuss p52.

Complete task 1 and task 2 -

1.Jesus has made the promise that he will never forget us.

What promise can you make to Jesus?


2. What happens at the Consecration?

Why is the Consecration important for us?





FREE, FREE, FREE - amazon has cancelled all subscriptions of books and audio stories for children. All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone using the flowing link :


Please remember to log onto bug club. There are lots of books to read and remember to answer the questions.

You also have reading comprehensions to complete try to complete half of a paper and go over the answers with an adult (like we do in class).




Please learn week 1 of Spring A spellings. You could use the look, cover, say, write and check method. You might want to choose 2 or 3 spellings and write a sentence for each.




Page 13 of the booklet we sent home in your learning pack.

Practise the or, oor joins

Remember to read write each word x 2lines.

Write the sign and practise the pattern.


Spelling, punctuation and grammar - yellow book


Complete a page of your choice.



Complete your tally charts worksheets that have been stuck into your home learning book.




Revise contracted words.

don't, wasn't, shouldn't, haven't, isn't, weren't, didn't, should've, could've, hadn't, hasn't, they'll, couldn't, we'll, we;'re, can't, I'll.  Use the look, say, cover, write and check method to learn how to spell these words you could also use them in a sentence.

Test yourself - what is the missing letter in each? What is an apostrophe?


Watch the episode of Peppa Pig -


If you could have any pet in the world, what would you like e.g elephant, sloth, monkey or giraffe? Read this poem about a budgie:


Big Fat Budgie


I'm a big fat budgie,

I don't do a lot.

Might park on my perch.

Might peck in my pot.

Might peek at my mirror.

Might ring my bell.

Might peer through the bars of my fat budgie cell.

Might say, 'Whose a pretty boy then?'

Might not.

I'm a big fat budgie.

I don't do a lot.


Michaela Morgan


You could highlight all the verbs and learn the poem by heart.


Choose an animal that you would like as a pet. Imagine you brought it into school. What trouble would it cause?

What might it do? How might your animal move?

Create a list of verbs that you could use to describe what your animal would do.


You could use this speaking frame:


I would like to bring a ... to school.

it would.....


Example -

I would bring a goat to school. It would trot through all of the classrooms, munch on our books and climb on the tables.


Write a poem to describe what your animal would do in school. Remember to include verbs and some contracted words from the list above.


Edit and improve your poem. You could even type it up and draw a picture to go with your poem. If you would like to email me your poem I could put them onto the school website (





Geography - Sensational Safari


Discuss the keywords on slide 3 and make sure you understand their meaning.

Read through the powerpoint and discuss with an adult.


You can then complete the 1 star or 3 star activity - compare your life with that of a child's life in Kenya.


If you have a printer you could print off the activity and cut and task in your home learning book.


If you don't have a printer you could copy the table into your book and draw the pictures instead.


Colour neatly.

Life in Rural Kenya

Science Lesson 2 - Local Habitats


Re- read through the powerpoint - it is quite a long one! (You have done this already with Miss Margesson)


Split this into 2 sessions.


Session 1 - Habitats

Read slides 1 -22.

What is a habitat?

Can you name at least 3 different habitats?

What is the difference between the urban habitat and a coastal habitat?

Can you name some animals you might find living in a Woodland habitat?


Complete the local habitat map. Colour and label it neatly.



Session 2 - Life Processes


Who can remember the 7 life processes? (Mrs Gren)

5hp if you gave been able to name them all without looking at the powerpoint.


Read and discuss slide 23 - 25


Complete activity sheet Living, dead or never alive.

PE -


Exercise with Joe Wicks at 9am each morning.

Don't forget your daily mile.

Enjoy a walk with your family once a day!

Create your own exercise routine.



Have fun creating your very own safari in a shoe box.

I would love to see some pictures of these.

Remember to have fun!

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