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W/C - 27th April 2020

Dear Year 4

Well done for all your hard work, learning at home is very different but you have been doing some fantastic activities. 

We know that some of you have been doing some gardening, planting fruit and veg seeds, send us a photo of your seedlings. We should have a sunflower competition to see who can grow the tallest sunflower this summer!


Set your family a challenge - can you think of an animal for every letter of the alphabet ? Send us your answers.


We have been really lucky with the sunny weather, so lets hope that continues. Have a great week and stay safe.


Mrs Greener and Mrs Kress smiley


Religious Education

This week we are thinking about how Jesus made Peter the head of the Church. Knowing that he would soon be returning to his Father in heaven, Jesus needed someone to lead the disciples and continue to spread his message. 

Read the page and talk about the activity questions. Draw the thought bubbles and complete them.


RE resources wc 27th April


This week's maths is based on Week 2  from White Rose maths (not Summer Term Week 2.) Home learning. It follows on from last week's lessons and is about how hundreths are linked to decimals (numbers after the decimal point.) It might help you to think about the place value grid that we have used in class.  The videos are on the website and will help you to understand the activities more.  Don't look at the answers until you have had a go, or if you are really stuck ! There is no point in cheating, you don't learn anything!


Please remember to do the spelling task on Spellzone and read some books on Bugclub. 


This week is week 2 using the same resources as last week, do as much as you can to keep your English skills sharp.


If you are struggling to look at online work because there are lots of your family sharing the laptop, there are other activities that you can do, to help your learning. Why not write a letter to someone in your family who you can't see at the moment, or even to us at school. Everyone loves to get post and you might even get a letter back!

Write a list all the things you have enjoyed during 'lockdown' and all the things you haven't. What has been your favourite activity/day since school finished?

You could write to the Queen and ask whether she enjoyed her birthday and wish her well. You will almost certainly get a reply from Buckingham Palace!!  

English resources wc 27th April

Science and DT

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