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W/C 29th June 2020

Dear Year 6 Home Learners,

We hope you have had a good week and that you didn't over-heat in the glorious weather that we had last week!

Many secondary schools are getting in contact with us explaining that they are holding, or planning to hold, Zoom meetings for Year 6 students or they are phoning to speak to you. We hope you are starting to get excited about the prospect of secondary school and that all your questions are being answered. If you do have any queries however, please do contact us as we will be able to support you and help you find the answers to your questions.

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Day & Miss Goss


Maths - Ratio & proportion

Another new topic this week, Ratio & Proportion, although it is closely linked to other topics in particular fractions.

Day 1 - Introducing the ratio symbol

Day 2 - Calculating ratio

Day 3 - Using scale factors

Day 4 - Ratio & proportion problems

Day 5 - Friday Family Maths Challenges

Each day has a series of questions which lead you through the learning. Show your work in your pink home learning journals or in your yellow maths jotter books. There are answers, with explanations, for each day's work so you can mark your work when you have completed it.

Here is a link to the website where you can access the videos prior to each lesson: (summer term week 10)

Friday's family maths challenges consist of 10 challenges:

* Challenges 1-6 age related for Year 6.

* Challenges 7-10 above age related for Year 6.

Good luck!

Collective Worship - Daily Prayer

In school we use the Ten Ten Resources for our Collective Worship and Class Assemblies. Parents and Carers do not need a username or password to access the daily prayers to use at home.


Click on the link below to access the resources:

English - Pobble365


This week we would like you to do some grammar, sentence level work and creative writing around an image from the pobble website again.

Each day there is a different image and a range of writing activities to go with it.

*a story starter - for you to use and then do some creative writing;

*questions about the image to get you thinking;

*sentence challenge;

*up-leveling some sentences.

We have chosen an image for Monday 29th June 2020. Write your work in your pink home learning journals or on paper.


English Resources

Whole Class Guided Reading - Cogheart 

We are still enjoying our whole class reading of 'Cogheart' we read a couple of chapters a day; the storyline has got very exciting now! This week we would like you to complete the comprehension on Chapters 4 and 5 (see Session 3 below). Please complete the word analysisfact retrieval and inference questions in your home learning books. You can self-mark these as the answers are also below. Don't cheat! 

Topic/Science - Fossils


We have been learning about fossil formation in Topic and Science and have even made our own fossils using clay in school. This week we would like you to try and sketch some fossil drawings of your own. Try using light strokes and attempt different tones if you can. We would love to see some of your sketches so please post on our class blogs!


See this video link for how to draw an ammonite:



P.E. with Joe Wicks


Lots of children have been doing 'PE with Joe' throughout Lockdown. If you haven't heard of Joe Wicks (or The Body Coach as he is also known) try one of his PE lessons and let us know how you get on! If you enjoy it, there is a catalogue of PE lessons available to watch and take part in on the website below.

Have fun!


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