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W/C 29th June 2020

Tadpole's Promise 

Our work this week is based on the book Tadpole’s Promise. I have found a version read by Helen Miram but there are other shorter versions on YouTube.


It is a story with an unusual ending!


Speaking and Listening

Talk about the changes that happened to the tadpole and the caterpillar. Talk about the ending of the story. How did it make you feel? Were you sad, surprised, shocked or did you laugh? How would you have liked the story to end?



Things did not work out too well for the caterpillar when it grew up! Spend some time talking about what you want to be when you grow up. Perhaps parents had ideas about what they wanted to be. Do they remember? Is it what they do now?

Write a few sentences starting    When I grow up I want to be ….
The children could write about jobs they like and why they like them. They may want to write about adventures they would like to have, people they would like to meet etc

You could write a new ending for the story, perhaps one that is not so sad! There is a picture from the end of the story and you could fill in the speech bubbles.



This weeks math is based on The Whale and the Snail by Julia Donaldson. If you don’t have the book you can listen to it here.


Religious Education

This week we learn about the sanctuary lamp and the tabernacle. In ‘normal’ times we would have asked you to have a look for them when you go to church but we are aware this is not currently possible.

There are some images on the document below. Can you remember seeing them in your church?


Today, we are going to hear about the wonderful way Jesus has chosen to

stay with us.


Read this story

Jacob and his friends had been listening to stories about Jesus. They

had heard how Jesus did some wonderful things. They heard how he was

able to feed thousands of people and how he changed water into wine.

They heard how he made sick people well. He is able to do all these things

because he is God.

“I wish Jesus was still with us,” said Jacob. “I like the sound of him!”

Mrs Stone, their teacher, smiled at the children.

“Jesus IS still with us,” she told them. “He’s just with us in a different

way now.”

Jacob and his friends looked puzzled.

Tomorrow, we’ll go back to the church and I’ll show you,” promised Mrs.


The next day, the children and their teacher crossed the busy road again

and sat in the quiet church.

“Jesus had to go back to his Father in heaven,” said Mrs. Stone,

“But he promised to stay close to us, so he chose a very special

way to do it.”

Mrs. Stone showed the children a small red light in the church,

quite high up.

“When you see that light,” she told the children, “you know that Jesus is

here with us in a very special way. Now look underneath the light. Can

you see something that looks like a little golden house?”

The children said they could and Mrs. Stone told them that this is the

place where Jesus has chosen to stay with us.

“Every time you go into a Catholic church, look for the little light

and the little house nearby,” said Mrs. Stone. “We call this the

tabernacle and we know that Jesus is there. We know because

Jesus told us. We know that Jesus loves us to come into the

church and sit quietly with him for a while.”

Mrs. Stone showed all the children how to kneel down on one knee in front

of the tabernacle as a way of greeting Jesus.

Jacob and his friends were very happy to know that Jesus is still with us.

“I’m going to look for that little light when I go to my Granny’s church,”

said Jacob. “Then I’ll know Jesus is there too.”


Have you seen the small light and the tabernacle in your church?



Last week we talked about how we behave in a church. This week we would like to introduce genuflecting. Either show your child how to genuflect or watch the short YouTube clip and then have a practice.

We do this to acknowledge and honour the presence of Jesus in the tabernacle.


Could you make your own tabernacle? It is a very special box for the presence of Jesus. Can you decorate it very carefully to show how special it is? 



Understanding of the world

Here is a song that shows the life cycle of the frog.

See if you can explain the life cycle of a frog to your grown-ups. Can you use the words frog spawn, tadpole, froglet and frog.
Use the attached sheet to make your own frog life cycle. Can you write some simple sentences?



Art and Design

Have a go at making some frogs. Here are a couple of ideas. In the past we have made frogs with springy legs by folding long, thin strips of paper in a concertina.

Phonics - week beginning 29th June

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