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W/C 29th June 2020

Here is a prayer which we would like to share with you:

Prayer for Family and Friends

Blessed are You Loving Father,

For all your gifts to us.

Blessed are You for giving us family and friends,

To be with us in times of joy and sorrow,

To help us in days of need,

And to rejoice with us in moments of celebration.

Father, we praise You for Your Son Jesus,

Who knew the happiness of family and friends,

And in the love of Your Holy Spirit,

Blessed are You for ever and ever.


Dear Parents and Carers,


We hope that you and your families are all keeping safe and well and that you have been managing to keep cool during the very warm weather which we have been experiencing over the last few days. 



Our theme for this week’s learning is ‘Lighthouses’ and our story to link with this is The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.  This is a very popular storybook with interesting illustrations.  It lends itself to so much discussion about the seaside and what we find there, what lighthouses look like, different types of food and, of course, to sequencing the days of the week.


In addition to the daily activities, we are sending you the words to the delightful song 'Our School' which the children in school have been listening to and trying to become familiar with.  It may be useful if your child is able to listen to the song which can be found on the ‘Children’ drop down menu, New Nursery Children, September 2020.  Also, Mrs. Cooper has been adding singing/music activities on to the Home Learning Page so please do share some of these songs with your child. 


Super Sandwiches is the recipe card for this week.  We thought this would link in well with this week’s story.  Maybe you could even try making mustard sandwiches!


We hope that your child enjoys doing some or all of the suggested activities and we look forward to receiving some photographs from you from this week’s learning. 


Have a good week.


Our best wishes,


Mrs. Claridge and Mrs. Badger


The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch – Home Learning Activities

Monday -  Literacy

Read the story ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ or watch it on YouTube.

Sequence the days of the week.


Tuesday - Numbers

‘Count the Seagulls’ PowerPoint.

Cut out the lighthouses and order them by size.


Wednesday – Learning About God

Re-visit the PowerPoint about Mrs. Stone’s class visiting a church.  Talk about and show pictures of who and what we can see inside a church; the priest, a crucifix, the alter, candles, goblets, the font, statues, pews.

Think about when you have visited a church and what you have seen.  Draw a picture of something which you can see in a church and talk about what you have drawn.


Thursday – Arts and Crafts/Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Watch the PowerPoint on Lighthouses.  What does a lighthouse look like?  Can we see one in Hatfield?  Do they look the same or different to our own homes?  Discuss why there are lighthouses.  Do all lighthouses look the same or are there differences?

Make your own 3D lighthouse.  Paint stripes on paper cups. Cut out shapes for a door and windows. Add a light and a clear light cover. 


Friday – Arts and Crafts/Singing

Listen to and sing the song My Lighthouse which can be found on YouTube.

Make a paper plate seagull. 


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