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W/C - 30th March 2020

Happy Sunday to you, Year 5!


How about that snow earlier today!? Bizarre!


Here is this week's 'Home Learning List' - well done to all of you who completed all or most of the tasks given so far. We checked MyMaths and Spellzone and we noticed there were outstanding pieces of work that have not yet been attempted. These pieces of work are NOT optional.


We would like the Maths and Spelling to be completed at some point this week. If you didn't manage to get to do it for some reason, such as lack of internet, etc. then please let us know and we can arrange something else for you to do.


Mrs Ives is in school this week and Miss Hughes will be setting the work from home. Anyone from  year 5 who will be attending school during the week MUST take in their Home Learning Book to show Mrs Ives and of course, you can discuss any issues raised that you might have found over the week. If you are not in school, then you can reach us via our email or the SPH Blog.




You have been set MyMaths work for this week. If you didn't complete last week's then please make sure you do.

Don't forget: there is a new StPH Times Tables Rockstars Battle that will commence on Monday, 30th March until Friday, 3rd April. May the best yeargroup win!




This week's spelling task is ready for you to access. Continue on your Course Pathway too. There will be a Spellzone Multiplayer game at some point during the week. Mrs Ives will let you know when that will be.




Ade keeps a scrapbook. Create your own version of Ade’s scrapbook to record his thoughts and feelings about the things that happen to him. You could include drawings, instructions and other pieces of information that you think Ade would find important. You can either complete this in your HLB or make your own.




'Make Your Own Exploding Bubo!'


Sounds gross, but we promise you that you'll find this experiment fun AND educational! See the instruction sheet below. Probably best to do with an adult or carer. Make sure you take photos of each stage of the experiment as there will be follow-up work on this next week.


R.E. - Judaism


Next Wednesday is the Jewish celebration of Pesach (Passover). We would like you to make an information poster about this important event. There is a PPT about Pesach below.








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