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W/C - 30th March 2020

Home Learning for week beginning 30th March

The theme for this week is Easter.


Religious Education

Tell or read the Easter Story – if you have a children’s Bible that would be a good version to use. Read through to the resurrection.

  • Talk about what happened and how Jesus friends would have been feeling at the different stages in the story.
  • Talk about how the story makes us feel.
  • Make a two sided picture (could use a paper plate) – one side happy and the other sad. Encourage your child to explain why the story is sad and why it is happy.
  • Use any resources you like to make a cross – stones, Lego, twigs etc
  • Draw a picture from the story and write a simple sentence.

Literacy / Phonics

We want the children to use the digraph sounds and the tricky words in their writing and to be aware of them in their reading.

Focus tricky words for this week are some, come, like and was
Focus sounds for this week are ch, sh and th

Read a phonics bug book and talk about what you read.

Think of all the ch, sh and th words that you can and write them on your white board (remember to write small letters and try on stay on the line).

Using the words that you have written on your white board write some simple sentences.
I like ……
Can I have some ……

Read a phonics bug book and talk about what you read.

Make a little tally chart on your white board with sh, ch and th.

Find a story book and hunt through for the three digraph sounds. Put a tally when you find one of the sounds. See which sound has the most tally’s at the end of the book.

Write come and some 5 times on your whiteboard. Check that you have written it correctly. See if you can the words in a simple sentence that you can write in your home learning book.

Read a phonics bug book and talk about what you read.

Talk to your grown-ups about what you were like when you were a little baby. Perhaps you could look at some photographs. (You could stick one into your book)
Write 4 sentences starting I was …… to describe you as a baby.

Read a phonics bug book and talk about what you read.

Write each of the diagraph sounds (sh, th ch) on a piece of paper. Stick them in different parts of the room / garden. Adult / older sibling call out words containing one of the sounds. Run to the correct sound.
(chips, thin, shop, ship, path, chin, church, think, sheep, fish, catch, chart, shiver etc)

Write a sentence about what you had or what you would like for lunch
(For my lunch I had … / For my lunch can I have …)

Read a phonics bug book and talk about what you read.

Today can you draw a picture and write a note for someone that you think might be lonely. It will help to cheer them up.



2D and 3D shapes. We recently learned the names of some 3D shapes.

Sphere, cube, cuboid, pyramid, cylinder, cone

We also learned the key words that we can use to describe them

Face, point, edge, curved, straight

Have a hunt around your house – see what 2D and 3D shapes you can find.

Try to name them and use the key words to describe them.  You could make a chart in your home learning book and draw some of the things that you found.


























Art and Design

Have you got some Spring flowers growing in your garden? Could you go out and attempt to draw and paint them?
Easter cards – I like to find creative ideas on Pintrest. I am sure we all know someone who would appreciate a special card at this time.
Making Easter crosses – As suggested in the RE section.
Have a look on Twinkl – there are colouring pages, Easter baskets, cutting activities.

Understanding of the world

Continue to look for signs of Spring.
Talk about Easter and the traditions you may have had in your families as you were growing up.

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