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W/C - 30th March 2020

This week's key learning is : Days of the week


We would like your learning this week to focus around reading, spelling and ordering the days of the week.  Don't forget they begin with capital letters :) 


By the end of the week, we would like you to be able to say;

  • I know the days of the week and can say them in order.
  • I can read the days of the week and put them in order.
  • I can spell the days of the week.





We are putting these up for you to use to open some great discussions with your children about how they are feeling about the changes to their daily routines (and for us to share with them that we are finding it all new and a little bit bizarre for us too!)  ... it is new for us all and most certainly a very confusing time for your children. If you want to, by all means print them off and 'do' them and see if your feelings and responses change over time. 



Please read your Bug Club book each day.  Don't forget to talk about the story, ask questions and enjoy!  As well as your Bug Club books, we really hope that, over this period, you enjoy sharing other books together, too.  


In class, your children enjoy watching stories on - ask them their favourites and enjoy the new stories.  I love them too!

Amazon have also cancelled all subscriptions for children's books and stories.  To stream these free onto our devise, use the link https:/ 



Phonics / English 


This week's phonics sounds are 'th', 'ph' and 'wh' .... what can you find around the house that have these sounds in them?  Parents, sorry!  This is the one time your children are allowed to stick their tongues out at you - when they pronounce 'th' in the hope that in their writing we see 'with' rather than 'wif'  or 'wiv' :) 


Can you think of, say and then write a sentence with these words in them? Where did you find the items, what do you use it for, could it be used for anything else?  


As always, please insist upon sentences beginning with capital letters, having finger spaces and ending with an end mark (full stop or question mark!). Ask your child, they'll know :)  


When they are writing, please also check your child is holding their pencil correctly and forming their letters correctly. Thank you. 



Sequencing is an important skills in maths, leading to the children learning to follow steps in operations later, and we start learning these skills through learning our daily routines, timetables, days of the week and months of the year, etc, etc.    


So as well as learning to read and spell the days of the week correctly, in maths the sequencing of them is equally important.   

You'll see below a timetable we would have used in class to discuss about what each child does on what day? Question suggestions are, for example ... What does Emma do on a Thursday?  Do any other children join her?  What day is Rainbows on?  Does day does Archie go to football?  Which children go to the Library? What does Isabel do on the day before she does football?  Who does activities on the weekend? 


Have you made a timetable at home for your weeks? Please feel free to use your own timetables too! 

Further ideas

"A Week Is Seven Days" by "A Week Is Seven Days" (See below for lyrics) This jazzy, upbeat song teaches young learners the days of the week starting from...



Did you draw a daffodil last week? At school on Friday, we went into the woods and found some daffodils, tulips and grape hyacinth which we drew.  


In class, we sometime draw from YouTube 'how to..' which show us step by step how to draw different things like dinosaurs, flowers, etc.  They're fun! 


Also online, if you want to try something else, Deep Space Sparkle do some great step-by-step classes at the moment for children too - last week she did a unicorn and I thought of how much some of you would have liked to do that with her! 


I also saw the artist Mo Willems is doing a daily doodle at lunchtime. His previous doodles/how to's are on YouTube and   Have a go.  We would love to see your pictures! 



History - Create a diary


A New Season!

Do you know the names of all the seasons? Do you know what season we are in?

Have a look outside, can you spot any signs that Spring has sprung? 

Spring Song for kids | Easy Monkey Songs

Hello everyone! Here is a children's song about spring.

Religious Education

Reflect on all the wonderful things God has made.

Think about Spring and what new life we can see outside. Create a 'Thank-you prayer' to God, thanking him for Spring, mention some of the things that are special about Spring. 


You might want to write your prayer down and decorate it with Spring images.


Find a quiet time to say your prayer to God.

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