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W/C 4th May 2020

Dear Year 3,


We hope you have had a lovely weekend. Can you believe that it's May already?


May is the Month of Mary and traditionally people create 'May Altars' in their home in honour of Our Lady, as well as praying the rosary. Do you have a May Altar at home? If not, why not make one this week and post a picture of it on your blog! You could also challenge yourself to say a decade of the rosary every week in May. To find out more about what you can do at home, have a look on our RE at Home page:


We are looking forward to our phone calls with you and your parents this week. Make sure to have a think about what you have been up to while you've been at home so you can tell us all about it!


Speak to you then! smiley


Miss McKeon and Miss Thompson






This weeks lessons are:

Day 1: Equivalent Fractions (2)

Day 2: Equivalent Fractions (3)

Day 3: Compare Fractions

Day 4: Order Fractions

Day 5: Family Maths Challenge


The White Rose website is underneath for you to access the lesson videos on the website (Year 3 - Summer Term - Week 1- w/c 20 April).


There is work on MyMaths that links to fractions, who have lessons on there too if you are stuck on the homework.


Finally, there is a link below to the Oak National Academy website, which offers further lessons to help support in the learning of fractions. 



Journal Writing – The River Nile

This week, you are going to write an imaginary journal documenting your voyage along the River Nile.


Day 1:

The River Nile

WALT: Identify key details in a text in response to a retrieval question or research task.


Research information about the River Nile (links below) to retrieve interesting details and key facts. Record your notes on the writing frame below.

Day 2:

WALT: Plan, discuss and record ideas in notes on a writing frame, using similar writing to support with structure and vocabulary


Using your notes from Day 1, begin to discuss and collect ideas about the things you might see, hear, smell, touch and even taste, as a traveller journeying along the river. Make notes to describe the sensory aspects of such a journey, ordering your ideas from sunrise to sunset.

Day 3:

WALT: Create settings, characters and plots in narratives, using inverted commas to punctuate direct speech.


Write your journal focusing on the beginning section. Starting with the morning sunrise, describe what you can see and hear, including the sights, sounds and smells of the early morning. Continue to find pictures that inform and inspire your writing. (Remember to have an adult with you when you are searching on the internet!)


Day 4:

WALT: Begin to group related ideas into paragraphs.


Consider and write the middle section of your river trip journal, describing an activity appropriate for the setting. Maybe a Nile boat safari looking for hippos or canoeing down the River Nile.


Day 5:

WALT: Begin to group related ideas into paragraphs.


Write your final journal entry, describing how you feel at the end of your trip and reflecting upon the things that you have seen and experienced. Include any drawings and images and decorate your journal covers.




This weeks reading is a text about Rivers around the World. There are different levels which you can pick what you think is best for you.


There are also books on bug club if you want to read something different.



Design and Technology

WALT: Materials for a specific task must be selected on the basis of their properties. These include physical properties as well as availability and cost.


You need to look at famous bridges, the different structures and the materials used. After having a look at these you need to design and plan your own bridge and what you might make it out of. There are pictures and an information sheet underneath that will help you with this. Then there is an activity sheet to help you with your planning.



This week in Geography we are looking at Rivers of the World.


Activity 1- WALT: Locate significant places using latitude and longitude.

Search for and name the world’s major rivers on a world map or globe. Complete a table to represent world river data. We have included some useful websites and maps to help you along with a table for you to complete. 


Activity 2- WALT: Analyse maps, atlases and globes, including digital mapping, to locate countries and describe features studied.

You need to pick one of the world rivers and research more information about the river (uses of the river, positive/negatives of the river, floods, history of the river, fun facts). You can use books, pictures, the internet, maps and atlases to help.There is some information and websites that will help underneath. Once you have researched you need to pick a way to present it: poster, leaflet, news report, PowerPoint or any other ideas you have! 


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