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W/C 4th May 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,


We hope that you have been enjoying the Home Learning activities over the past couple of weeks.  Elmer is always a very popular topic with the children, so many interesting and fun activities to do.

This week's theme is 'Kandinsky'. We would like your child to have a look at some of the paintings by the famous Russian artist, Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944), and for them to have a go at talking about what they can see in the paintings (shapes, colours) and what the paintings may represent. Below are some activities to try out if you would like to and please do remember to try to take some photographs of your child's work which we can then add on to the Class Page for their friends to see and to add to their Learning Journey.  As Friday 8th May marks 75 years since VE Day, we are also adding in some activities relating to this special moment in our World History.  There will be lots of interesting things to watch on the BBC both before next Friday and also on the day.  Please speak to your child about this special day and get them involved maybe by baking a cake and decorating it in red, white and blue colours, making some bunting and flags, listening to some music from the 1940s, dressing up on Friday in red, white and blue colours. Hopefully it will be a day of celebration for all of our families. 


Monday - Literacy/Pencil Control Activity - link to Kandinsky paintings.

Look at pictures by Kandinsky. Talk about the shapes and colours  Trace and then colour one of Kandinsky’s pictures.

Write or trace your name on to your work.


Tuesday - Shapes Activity

Make a shape mobile.  Cut out three different sizes of the same shape on different coloured paper and stick on top of each other.  Make one for each of the following shapes (triangle, circle, rectangle and square).  String your shapes together to make a colourful mobile. 

Wednesday - RE Activity

The Resurrection.  Look at the supporting PowerPoint.  Discuss how we should be joyful for ‘New Life’and that we see new life all around us in spring; flowers, trees, young animals. Make ‘joyful’ dancing ribbons in different colours (strips of crepe paper and lolly sticks).  May is the liturgical month of the Blessed Virgin Mary so it would be nice to say the Hail Mary Prayer with your child.


Thursday - VE75 Day Activities


Selection of activities for VE75 in the folder below.

This is an interesting link which will also give you lots of ideas:


Friday - VE75

Enjoy celebrating this special day.  Remember to take photographs.


Additional Activities relating to Kandinsky


Print circles of different sizes to make a concentric pattern.

Decorate a CD with glitter, stickers, sequins to hang up in your garden.

Sheets of paper and pens to draw around a variety of different sized circles:  bottle tops, toilet rolls, lids etc) to make a circles picture

Colour in and cut out a paper spiral.




Bubble painting pictures. Put paint and washing up liquid into a pot. Do 3 or 4 pots of different colours.  Children blow into the pots with a straw until the bubbles come out the top of the pot. Lay your paper on the top. Repeat with other colours.


Other useful links for activities:



Any queries or concerns, please do get in touch with us.

Best wishes,

Mrs. Claridge and Mrs. Badger

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