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W/C 6th July 2020

Hello Year 2,


We hope you are all safe and well. Welcome to another week of home learning.


Let us start this week with a prayer. This week we would like you to ask God for his help so that we can follow in his footsteps.


Dear Lord,

Hold my hand Lord lead the way,

Help me to be good every day,

Help me to know what’s right and wrong,

Keep me safe day and night,

Let me know what you have planned,

Lead the way Lord,

Hold my hand.



Have a great week. We miss you all loads.


Stay safe

Miss Conway & Mrs Browne




R.E- God chose Abraham


Read p8 – 10 with an adult and discuss the questions in the ‘Pause to Talk’ section.


Task 1 :


Write about Abraham’s journey. You could also use pictures to illustrate your story. Here are some questions to help you with your writing:



  • Why did Abraham leave home?
  • Who went with him?
  • Why was the journey difficult?
  • Why do you think Abraham trusted in God?


Task 2:


Imagine you are with Abraham and Sarah ion the journey in the desert. Write a diary entry for one day.


Think about:

  • what you saw,
  • how you felt,
  • what was difficult,
  • what you enjoyed,
  • how you knew God was with you.


Task 3:


Write a prayer to thank God for being with you all the time. Keep it in a special place.




This week you are going to write a persuasive letter to Mrs Waugh. It is your job to try to persuade Mrs Waugh to have an assembly all about your favourite nurse. Think about why you have chosen that nurse as your favourite and why you think it is important for everyone to learn about her.



Practise the joins si, su, se, sp, sm

Please read and write the words on page 20.

Spelling, since, small, seen

Copy them in your neatest handwriting taking care with the joins.

Do 2 rows of each words and then practise writing the compound words.

Practise the pattern.





This week you will be completing Summer Term Week 10. Make sure you watch the short video clips as these will help you complete the activities. We have not uploaded any MyMaths work as we would prefer you to concentrate on completing the White Rose Maths lessons. 


Day 1 - Measure mass in grams

Day 2 - Measure mass in kilogram

Day 3 - Compare volume

Day 4- Millilitres

Day 5 - Friday Maths Challenge


This week in history we will be comparing different nurses and thinking about what is the same and different about the three nurses we have been learning about. Think about nurses today. What are the similarities and differences between nurses today and nurses long ago?

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