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W/C 8th June 2020

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

This is our second week focusing on The Three Billy Goats Gruff. This will be the final of our traditional tales.

If you would like to listen to the story again you can do so using the first link. The second link is a Three Billy Goats Gruff story.



Speaking and Listening Activities.

Tell the story to someone in your household or even to a friend or relative over the telephone or skype. Can you make all the different voices?


Can you think of a different way that the 3 Billy Goats Gruff story could end? Can you write a new ending?

Have a look on the internet – what facts can you find about goats? Can you write two facts about goats that you have learned?

Sequence the pictures to retell the story.


Art and Design - Continued from last week

Design your own troll. Think about his size and shape. Is he tall or short, thin or round? Does he have hands, claws or paws? Big feet? What colour is he? Does he look scary or friendly? What will you call him?

Can you build a bridge? You could use lego, building bricks, sticks and stones out in the garden or paper / cardboard. Perhaps you could find a few different ways to do it. Which one is the strongest?

Understanding of the world

Experiment with floating and sinking. You could use the bath or a washing up bowl or even the paddling pool if you have a garden and it is nice and sunny.

Make a collection of items that you can test – try and find a variety of different materials; wood, metal, plastic, paper, card, wool / fabric etc.

Before you start have a guess – what do you think will happen? Then test it out it in the water. Were you correct? See how many you can guess correctly. We have done this in school so you might be able to remember what happened then.

Math Problems -  Sharing

The children often find math problems hard to solve. Can I suggest that you find a way to work out the problems practically using some of their toys. Read the problem to the child a couple of times and then ask them what they will need. (The first problem has three rabbits and 6 carrots – they could find three soft toys and 6 orange Lego bricks.)

Religious Education

From next week we will start a new theme which will be The Church. Spend some time talking about the church you go to. If you don’t regularly go to church what experience does your child have of church? Have they been to a wedding, baptism, first holy communion? What can they tell you about the building and about what happens in the church?

Fill in the worksheet.


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